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No gym workout plans that accelerate the process of burning fat

These days maintaining a good physique and staying healthy is a concern of most people but often people are reluctant to visit the gym for achieving it. It is a common belief among people that they might gain more weight if they stop going to the gym.

 No matter how hard you work at your gym, how much weight you lift, you must know that your body doesn’t need to go through that much for the sake of maintaining a good physique. So, often experts suggest a ‘10 weeks no gym workout plan’ for those who do not want to go to the gym but want a good body.

A perfect 10 weeks no gym workout plan

Many people managed to maintain a perfect physique throughout their life without going to the gym for once. There are exercises which can put the best impact on your body and you can perform those by yourself at home, but remember between which exercises you must rest and between which you must not.  Below is the ‘10 weeks no gym workout plan’ which will help you in staying fit as well as gift you with a perfect body:

  • Warm-up:

10 weeks no gym workout planBefore you start working out you must always make sure that your heart rate is pumping and your muscles also get warmed up so that you can avoid any kind of injury. For warm-ups, you can run, jump ropes, perform deep squats, spin a stationary bike or even do some punches and kicks. But just make sure that your whole body is engaged in the activity.

  • Skipping:

    Skipping is the most popular, yet the most effective workout that is being performed even by athletes to stay fit. A skipping wire is cheap and also easily available at any sports store. While skipping most parts of your body is performing the activity, as a result, it is also capable of calorie burning.

  • Squats:

You must always target to perform exercises that not only engage a single muscle but are capable of engaging a number of muscles. A squat is an exercise that uses most of the muscle groups at once. For getting the perfect form, try to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your back straight as well. Your knee should also remain over your ankle as much as possible.

  • Lunges:

    Lunges also work with most of the major muscles of the body. Lunges are a bit more advanced than squats as it improves the body balance as well. To make lunges more effective, not only just try stepping forward but also step back and out to each side.

  • Push-ups:

10 weeks no gym workout planWhen performed in the perfect manner, push-ups can strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps as well as core trunk muscles at once. Pushups can be performed at any level of fitness and there are many ways to make the exercise even harder.

Besides these exercises, there are many more exercises which are perfect for ‘10 weeks no gym workout plan’. But the effect of each exercise depends on how well you execute them.

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Written by Preeti Kaur

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