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3 Day Military Diet


Diet is the most important part when it comes to weight loss. Diet occupies about 60% of the weight loss regime. What does this mean? This means that if you are the one who is looking forward to getting your body in the lower size then you have to kick start it and diet is the prime thing you have to work on along with working out. 


We all have this in mind as a stereotype that working out is the only thing that can get us back into our skinny jeans but this is for sure not true. It takes a lot when someone opts for a diet because it is ok when you just have to say no to food for 3 to 4 days but it becomes a lot difficult when you have to avoid all your favourite food for a longer period of time or say, has to change your eating habits here we found an interesting product which helps you to follow 3 Day Military Diet.

 Yes, there are several diet plans available depending on your needs. It includes a lot of things like are you a vegetarian, a vegan, want a gluten-free diet, is allergic to something, Keto diet, the number of days you have like a month, a week, 6 months or however long it is. Also, the goal you wish to reach. 


3 Day Military Diet as per the name suggests is a 3-day diet that helps in instant weight loss. If you are a person that has tried several diet plans and workout plans and have had no major results. We know after trying a lot of diet plans to lose weight it is hard to get your trust on one particular diet plan again. Yes, not every diet plan is meant to work on your body because each person has a different body type and until and unless we try and see, we will never what works for our body and whatnot. 


3 Day Military Diet is a short term diet plan. This means that the difference because of the diet will appear soon but it will only help you when you willing to get small differences like if you want to wear your favourite skinny jeans on the weekend or you wish to get your summer body ready. If you wish to carry the diet for a longer period of time then we are sorry because the diet is only for three days and also the difference is also quite limited. So don’t expect to get a much lighter body just by 3 Day Military Diet. 

How does it work? 


3 Day Military Diet is a diet that restricts calorie intake and just as the name suggests, it is not for the people with a faint heart. It includes the principle of intermittent fasting. The diet plan makes you eat all the right things in the right proportion in order to boost up your metabolism. The diet starts with a strict 3 days approach and then extends to 4 days of moderate approach.

The peculiar part about the diet plan is it must be followed exactly the way it is which can become difficult at times because it is a strict diet. 


Starting with day 1, it is comparatively simpler to get through this day because you have more options in comparison to the 3rd day of the diet. The strict diet ends on day 3, but the diet still continues. On the day 4th, the moderate diet starts that will continue till 7th day. For these 4 days, the diet allows a person to eat anything they would like but they have to maintain a limit of 1500 calories. 

So as you know that the 3 Day Military Diet plan is divided into two phases, Phase 1 – strict diet, Phase 2 – moderate diet. 

Let’s start with phase 1 – a strict diet.

Day 1 


Breakfast – Take one grapefruit along with a whole grain toast topped with 2 spoons of peanut butter. You can make a choice between tea or coffee to go with it. 

Lunch – Take a slice of wholegrain toast with a ½ cup of tuna and again, you have a choice between tea or coffee to choose from. 

Dinner – 1 cup full of green beans, ½ cup banana, 1 tiny apple, 85 grams of meat of your choice, and the best treat, 1 cup Vanilla ice cream. 

Day 2 


This menu has about 1100 calories. 

Breakfast – ½ banana, 1 boiled egg (hard), 1 slice of whole-grain toast. 

 Lunch – Saltine crackers – 5, 1 boiled egg (hard), 1 cup cottage cheese. 

Dinner– 2 without bun hotdogs, a ½ cup of carrots, and ½ of broccoli. Last, ½ cup vanilla Ice cream. 

Day 3 


The last day meal plan has 1,000 calories in total. 

Breakfast – A slice of Cheddar Cheese, saltine crackers 5, a tiny apple. 

Lunch – A wholegrain toast, 1 hardboiled egg. 

Dinner – ½ cup banana, 1 cup of tuna and a cup of vanilla ice cream. 

So this diet may cause a little lack of liquids in your body so for the next 4 days you have to drink a lot of water. (3 to 4 litres minimum.)

You can also take black coffee without any sugar or milk or cream. 

Phase two – moderate diet.

Day 1

Now the second phase is a little easier. You are allowed to eat everything that is healthy but you would have to make sure that the calorie count stays under 1,500 and if you are a woman you can take it down to 1,200 if you like. 

You are not allowed to eat fast food. Let me repeat it, NO FAST FOOD. All your hard work of three long days almost without any food will go down in vain if you have fast food this product helps a lot of people click here to see

Eat lots of whole-grain food, vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, cottage cheese, eggs, saltine crackers, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, black coffee, juice fruits, and any other healthy food item you find. 

Make sure you do not eat anything except what is in the plan for the three days if you wish to have resulted from the diet plan. Otherwise, you will be working hard to have no results at the end of the struggle. 

Have a happy diet. 


Written by Divya Gandotra


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