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4 Effective Treatments to Overcome Skin Problems

For the longest time, people used to ignore skin problems and diseases. As these issues do not cause severe reactions most of the time, they are ignored till the last minute. But now, thanks to the trending culture of social media, more and more people are focusing on their skin health. From trying viral masks to professional treatments, a good majority is rigorously working to improve their skin. But while these trends are somewhat helpful, professional treatment is necessary to resolve the issues completely. Out of many available options for skin improvement, the following are a few of them:

  • Topical antibiotics

Although using antibiotics without prescription is not a good idea, topical agents are an excellent choice for skin problems. The majority of our population regularly faces some skin problems, but sadly, they don’t know their causes. People assume skin conditions are just allergic reactions or hormonal changes and do not pay much attention. But in reality, many of these conditions are a sign of underlying infections. These infections are produced by bacteria and microorganisms that hide in pores and lead to oil secretion and sebum productions. To control such conditions and regain your skin’s health, you should apply topical antibiotic agents. You might need a doctor’s prescription for specific ointments, but most of them are available over the counter medicines. You will have to apply a small amount of this medication for a short period regularly. And after your course of antibiotics, you will see a significant change in your skin’s condition.

  • Natural remedies

For the longest time, natural remedies have maintained their special place in skin treatments. Although these remedies have received their fair share of criticism, the truth is, they work. Many natural treatments have shown tremendous results within a short period. Some examples of such remedies are natural psoriasis treatment with horse milk and aloe vera to treat acne. The best part about natural medicines is that they offer no side effects. No matter how much product you use or how often you use it, there will be no adverse reaction.

On the other hand, if it suits you and works with your skin, you will see positive results. That said, natural products are completely herbal, so they don’t contain any harsh ingredients. Meaning, your treatment might take a while before you see any results. But if you remain patient and keep using your product, you will see reliable effects after some time.

  • Laser therapy

Laser therapy came into attention after its popularity on social media. People started to consider it as a cosmetic procedure because of how viral it was. But on the contrary, laser therapy has been a clinical treatment for warts and telangiectasia. On the other hand, this modality of treatment is also famous for wrinkle, scars, and fine-line removal therapies. It uses a double beam light that focuses on the outer surface of the skin. As a result of this exposure, it destroys the epidermis (first layer), and the second layer comes on top. This layer then works as your new skin with no scars whatsoever.

Laser therapy is non-invasive and provides immediate results. Though patients complain of some swelling and other post-work symptoms, they are minimal and resolve quickly. So if you seek a reliable yet prompt solution to your skin problems, you should consider this option.

  • Blue light therapy

Just like laser therapy, blue light therapy is another famous treatment for excess oil and acne conditions. It works in a manner that reduces the microbial load in skin pores. When it reduces the bacterial count of the skin, it leads to the resolution of bacterial infection. Also, cosmeticians sometimes add extra infrared radiation to this therapy. As a result, the added effects of infrared lead to a reduction in oil production of the skin. Thus, if you’re dealing with stubborn acne or excess oil production, you should try this treatment. But keep in mind that for complete resolution and oil clearance, you will need several appointments. It is undoubtedly an effective treatment, but to make it work, you’ll need consistent efforts. And once you make a routine of your procedures, you will see positive results shortly.

The bottom line

Skin problems are one of the most ignored and stubborn diseases. Just as they take time to build and become visible, they require a long term treatment to resolve. As opposed to what the majority suggests, skin diseases are not limited to acne and pimple. Having a skin condition is not only unhygienic but can lower our confidence as well. Similar to any other problem, they also require adequate treatment and medications. The treatments mentioned above are some of the most famous and reliable derma treatments available. Based on your requirements and doctor’s suggestions, you can choose your best option.

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Written by Sharat Krishnan

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