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5 benefits of low carb diet

how many carbs low carb diet

A low carb diet puts a restriction on the carbohydrates intake like the ones found in grains, in the starch of fruits and veggies. The concentration is on high protein food contents and fats. There are several different kinds of low carb diet benefits and diets available. Depending on the diet, the food restrictions are also different depending on the number of carbohydrates are allowed. But the question is how many carbs low carb diet allows?


how many carbs low carb diet

 To understand how many carbs low carb diet allows and how it works, it is important to know several low carb diet benefits exist. Some low carb diets benefits are beyond weight loss like cutting down the 2 type diabetes’ risk factor associations along with the metabolic syndrome.

Why you might want to choose a low carb diet.

One may take on a low carb diet and but it is vital to understand why you might want to take on a low carb diet.

  • The primary reason why people take a low carb diet is to cut down on their carb intake which ultimately leads them to lose the extra fat storage in their body. The reduction of carbs works on shedding of the fat and gives you a leaner body.
  • Another reason one may wish to go for a low carb diet is to restrict their eating habit. In general, we tend to eat a lot of food items that are not good for our bodies. Be it junk food or other food items providing our body with more nutrients then it requires. This diet also helps in cutting down the appetite that makes one eat again and again.
  • One more reason people may take this diet is to enjoy the types and amount of food that is referred to in the diet. With a low carb diet, generally less quantity of food with high protein and fat content is referred to make one feel fuller.

 Let’s see all the low carb diet benefits

1. Appetite Reduction:

how many carbs low carb diet

How many carbs low carb diet has is not the question here. The question here is how carbs help in the reduction of appetite.

Dieting is also defeated by hunger making it the prime reason why people give up dieting all together. Eating low carbs automatically reduces hunger.

Several studies say that eating low carbs and more protein makes you feel fuller for a longer time and kills the craving of food.

2. More weight loss in the start:

how many carbs low carb diet

A low carb diet has a special work power on weight loss. How many carbs low carb diet restricts influences the cut down on weight. A low carb diet attacks the water weight of the body and shreds that instantly. In comparison to low-fat diets, low carb diets benefit more in weight loss even when the low-fat diet restricts more calories.

In comparison between low fat and low carb diet, people taking a low carb diet often lose 2 to 3 times more weight.

3. Abdominal cavity weight loss:

carbohydrates intake

All the fat stored in your body is not the same. The area where the fat is stored determines how it will affect your health.

The two major types of subconscious fats are stored in your abdominal cavity and under your skin. Most obese people have high-fat deposits around their abdominal cavity.

Low carb diet benefits by actively working on reducing the fat deposits. It majorly and primarily works on reducing the fat deposits in your abdominal area.

4. Triglycerides drop drastically:

how many carbs low carb diet

Triglycerides are tiny molecules of fat that are spread in the bloodstream.

 One of the main reasons Triglycerides is activated in the body is because of the consumption of carbs. Cut down of carbs can immediately stop the flow of Triglycerides in the body, decreasing the addition of fat storage in the body.

Low Carb diet benefits in reducing these molecules in the body ultimately breaking their flow in the bloodstream.

5. Good HDL cholesterol rises:

carbohydrates intake

High-density lipoprotein is termed as good cholesterol in the body. How many carbs low carb diet involves is important as it equally involves a high amount of fat. This fat is termed as good cholesterol in the body.

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