5 Health Hazards To Look Out For During Construction

The construction industry offers the toughest challenges to the professionals working in it. The fatality rate is also high as compared to other sectors, as accidents occur daily. In simple words, construction sites are a safety nightmare as the workers are mostly exposed to construction hazards. So, you have to be very cautious if you are working at any construction site. Workers at construction sites are involved in working with big machinery, tools, and materials that are harmful to health. All these factors make construction sites a dangerous place to work in. Though the risks and hazards with this kind of job are pretty clear, people still take up this post and get into this field, making their dedication an extremely admirable action. The dangers range to various aspects, including health risks. This article will have a look at the major health hazards in construction sites, so let’s get started with it.

  • Dealing With Asbestos

Asbestos is known as a set of six fibrous minerals, and it is used in some construction materials. When any material containing asbestos is damaged, its fibers spread in the air. These fibers can have harmful impacts on the health of any worker. Inhaling can cause the deadliest diseases, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. A large number of workers lose their lives due to asbestos every year. It is the company’s responsibility to inform the workers if asbestos is present on the construction site to deal with it appropriately. Additionally, workers should be aware of mesothelioma lawsuits to understand what legal action to take if they are diagnosed with this disease. It is the site owner’s responsibility to warn the workers about asbestos and deal with it safely.

  • Risk Of Working At Heights

Health Hazards To Look Out For During Construction
Statistics show that most of the fatalities at construction sites happen due to falling from heights. It also causes severe injuries to workers that leave them paralyzed for life. Working at dangerous heights requires thorough training as it is really difficult to manage all equipment and machinery such a certain height. Construction companies are liable to train their workers in the measures they have to take while working at heights. They should know how to work safely on ladders and scaffolding, etc.

Employers should understand the laws to ensure safety for employees when they are working at heights. All workers should also be aware of the safety measures. Moreover, it is also recommended to take all necessary precautions while working with risky equipment like a scaffold with a guardrail to prevent fatal falls. Reducing the risk of falls will also increase your work productivity.

  • Falling And Slipping

Falls and slips are some of the most common health hazards of construction sites. Such working environments have unbalanced terrain and unused materials that increase the chances of falls and slips. Management and higher authorities of construction sites should manage such a site with appropriate measures so workers can work without any fear of falling.  It is better to report and assess every fall incident to identify the root cause in order to prevent it in the future. Uneven surfaces are one of the main causes of falls at construction sites. Employers can fix this issue by providing smooth walkways. An unnecessary mess also causes slips, so it’s better if everyone can keep working areas clean instead of leaving the equipment lying around. Minimizing such types of risks will help you prevent falls and slips.

  • Risk Of Noise

Construction is a noisy workplace, and there is a big risk that your hearing power will get affected. It is one of the major construction hazards that workers have to bear. Loud and continuous noise that is associated with construction sites can cause hearing issues, and repetitive exposure may cause permanent deafness. It can be a harmful distraction, so employers should complete noise risk assessment and take measures accordingly.

  • Moving Objects

While working at construction sites, workers have to deal with objects that have different moving functions. It includes diggers and lifting equipment that are used for other purposes. To deal with this safety risk, workers should be extremely careful when operating such machines, be careful about their surroundings, and avoid working when it gets dark.

The construction field is full of challenges and tough tasks. One always has to be vigilant and stay on their toes to deal with any risk at construction sites. Apart from minor scratches and injuries, there is a lot more to the risks and hazards present when working at a construction site. Since the range of possible risks is vast, it is the duty of the management responsible for the work going on at a site to ensure that these risks don’t become obstacles or hurt anybody.

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