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7 Dental Care Specialists, You Didn’t Know Existed

Dental Care Specialists

While dentistry presents itself as a minimalistic profession with little complexity in terms of “who to go to in case of tooth decay?” more complex oral troubles might require you to visit a specialist.

We understand that the fact that there are specialists who exist in dentistry as well might leave you overawed, but it is true. There are seven specializations available in this field of medical science as well, and most of the leading DSOs (Dental Support Organisations).

Here, we are going to take you through the seven dental specialists you can visit for seeking a cure for the domain in dental care they specialize in.

1. General Dentist
Dental Care Specialists

A general dentist is like a physiotherapist for the dental world. He/she specialize in the overall dental well-being of patients from all walks of life. When you are experiencing a tooth-decay, need a more specific diagnosis, or are looking for someone who can perform a root canal, extraction, or tooth-filling for you. After diagnosis, you can trust a general dentist’s opinion on which specialist you should visit next.

General dentists are the dental apecialists for your routine check-ups and, often, community medical camps have them serving you.

Various organizations organize free dental check-ups for the oral well-being of everyone in the community.

2. Endodontist
Dental Care Specialists

An Endodontist, as the name suggests (“endo” meaning inside in Greek), is a dental specialist of the insides of your tooth, i.e., the canal. Well, there is a small cave-like canal inside each of your teeth, which contains and protects blood vessels, nerves, and living tissue (periradicular tissues).

Endodontics is a branch that is concerned with the physiology, morphology, and pathology of the dental pulp and working on decay, which is dangerously close to the nerves in the root canal.

Select the dentists who are dedicated professionals and see their work as the service to humankind. Moreover, the affiliated dentists are equipped with quality equipment to facilitate reliable dental care by skilled hands.

3. Orthodontist
Dental Care Specialists

An orthodontist is the one who works for the correction of dental structures when there is a fault in the alignment of jaw and teeth. Whether it is the development of teeth since infancy, preventing certain irregularities in structure, or correcting the faults in bites, an orthodontist makes sure that your teeth and jaw look flawless. He/she is the one who might advise you to wear braces, use retainers, and other corrective appliances to straighten the denture.

So, when you have issues such as poorly aligned teeth, overbite, underbite, crossbite, or crooked teeth, you can visit an orthodontist in your locality.

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dental Care Specialists

For surgeries that require a high degree of precision and are equally risky, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is required. So, essentially, a Maxillofacial surgeon is an expert in dealing with soft and hard tissues in and around the mouth and jaws. Even nitrous oxide and laughing gas, which often work for dentists, do not provide effective sedition for such surgeries and a higher level of expert care is required. And dental specialists are the only healthcare professionals apart from anesthesiologists who can administer such sedition.

Cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries, apart from jaw correction operations are what Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in.

5. Periodontist
Dental Care Specialists

“Peri” is Greek for around, so, a Periodontist is an oral healthcare specialist who focuses on everything that is around the teeth, i.e., the gums, and rest of the structure around them. In cases when a patient is diagnosed with a gum infection or disease which needs immediate correction and prevention, a Periodontist is recommended to restore the smile of the patient.

Also, the aesthetics of the teeth are restored by a periodontist as he/she works on the well-being of not just the naturally occurring surrounding tissues but also their artificial substitutes.

6. Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist

As the name suggests, a pediatric dentist is a dental specialist whose practice involves looking after the dental development and care of children from infancy until they are in their teens. Everything from routine examinations to counseling about dental care and hygiene is done by pediatric dentists.

Their role is vital in the early development of your children’s overall health because of cavities and other issues. Pediatric dentists can further diagnose if your kid has diabetes. Moreover, under the care of a pediatric dentist, the structure of teeth and overall dental health can be corrected when needed before the damage becomes irreversible.

7. Prosthodontist
Dental Care Specialists

In accidents of some kind or the other, people lose or break their teeth. This has an adverse and seemingly life-long impact on their smile. However, with the help of a prosthodontist, who is a specialist in replacing and repairing the crowns, bridges, and even dentures, you can get your smile back.

A prosthodontist’s, or any other dental specialists’, work is not easy and requires the help of an entire team to restore each of the hearty smiles of their patients. And for managing a team of skilled and professional members, dentists are required to develop leadership qualities in them- commanding attention, communication, and strong will- also.


The above dental specialists are the ones you need to know about as this information will come in handy when your general dentist is not able to cure an oral irregularity or infection.

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