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Addyi Vs Lovegra for Treating FSD / HSDD

Addyi is a medication that was created to treat sexual dysfunction in women, particularly hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This is the foremost medication specially designed specifically for women, using the active ingredient, flibanserin.  HSSD affects one of ten women, worldwide.

On the other hand, Lovegra is a sildenafil medication commonly used for various types of female sexual dysfunction, or FSD. These conditions are not often talked about, but commonly affect quite a few women. 

Both Lovegra and Addyi are equally as effective in treating sexual disorders. But, if you are looking for an FDA-approved treatment, Addyi is the go-to choice. Lovegra is still however, very safe for use. There are generic options of Lovegra and Addyi available for purchase. These are superior to the branded medications, yet are considerably cheaper. 

What are FSD and HSDD?

Many women may have sexual problems in their lifetime. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a broad term used to describe persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm, or pain during intercourse. Female sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage of your life. Symptoms differ depending on what type of FSD one is experiencing; but they involve low sexual desire, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder and sexual pain disorder. 

HSDD is a form of FSD in which a woman loses the desire to have sexual intercourse for a long period of time (at least 6 months), causing substantial levels of personal distress. HSDD is also diagnosed when the symptoms cannot be qualified as a different type of sexual disorder. Some of the symptoms of HSDD include decreased natural sexual thoughts, decreased sensitivity to stimulation, failure to keep interest by having sex and loss of longing to initiate sexual activity.

Flibanserin is the first and only approved treatment for HSDD. But both Addyi and Lovegra have been shown to be useful in the management of FSD/ HSDD symptoms. 

How Do Addyi and Lovegra Work?

The active ingredient in Lovegra is sildenafil. The flow of blood to the genitals is important for sexual stimulation to occur. However, when experiencing FSD/ HSDD; blood flow is restricted to the vagina because of the disorder. Sildenafil expands blood vessels by stopping the degradation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) by PDE5. cGMP relaxes smooth muscle tissues and therefore, when in high levels in the body; it increases the diameter of the blood vessels so more blood can pass through to the genitals. It is the relaxation of smooth muscle tissues that leads to the widening of blood vessels and increased blood flow; and this relaxation is facilitated by cGMP, which is why this substance is vital for sexual arousal. 

Likewise, flibanserin works to balance neurotransmitters that are responsible for the decreased sex drive in women with FSD. Addyi is a non-hormonal, multifunctional serotonin agonist antagonist (MSAA). It causes an increase in the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine because these neurotransmitters are required for sexual stimulation. This medication also reduces the amount of serotonin in the body, which also positively affects sexual arousal. 

Side Effects of FSD/HSDD Medications

The medication can also cause mild adverse effects. Below are the most common side effects of flibanserin and sildenafil medications. 

  • Headaches are the most common side effect. The rapid change in blood flow to the genitals and dehydrative effects of these medications can cause headaches. This side effect is common with all forms of FSD/HSDD medications. Do not switch brands of medication when experiencing this side effect as headaches are common with both Addyi and Lovegra. It will also not necessarily lessen the severity of your symptoms. Rather use simple home remedies, like light head massages, to help relieve the unpleasant symptoms. 
  • Body aches and pains have been reported to be experienced while taking FSD/HSDD tablets. Others have reported slight pain in their lower back. These symptoms are often mild, and can be treated with OTC muscle relaxers or traditional painkillers. 
  • Sildenafil may cause temporary periods of redness in the skin. This is referred to as facial flushing and this generally develops on your face and neck, but may also spread to other parts of your body. These flushes are mild in severity. While the appearance may make you uncomfortable, facial flushing does not cause any medical concern. Also, aloe vera moisturizers are typically effective at relieving these symptoms. 

The adverse effects of Addyi and Lovegra are temporary. They often resolve themselves after a few weeks of using the medication. According to many women who have taken these medicines, the side effects of both flibanserin and sildenafil are easy to bear and do not typically require any intervention. 

Where to Lovegra and Addyi Online in the UK

We know how traumatic and depressing it can be for those who are in a relationship and cannot bring themselves to express themselves sexually to their partners. And so, we are excited to be able to offer Addyi and Lovegra in generic options to anyone who is in need of an affordable and safe way to treat FSD/ HSDD. 

You can buy Lovegra and Addyi from the comfort of your home. You do not have to visit your local pharmacy to purchase these medications. You can effortlessly buy online from our pharmacy via your web-connected device (your phone, laptop, desktop PC or tablet). 

We also offer our customers access to our dedicated service team 24-hours per day; promising that when you have a question about our services, our products or any feature of our website, they will be addressed within fitting time frames. Our goals are discretion and trust, and we strive to make affordable healthcare accessible to all our customers. You can take advantage of our several secure and convenient methods of payments, such as Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin and bank transfers from UK citizens. 

Why not start to get a hold of your sexual health today and buy generic Addyi or Lovegra from our reputable online pharmacy. It will be one of the wisest decisions you make for your health.

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