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Muscle Activation Techniques

How do you understand that you need to include some muscle activation technique in your life? You know how we face some nagging muscle pain that we had while running or maybe during a game and we ignore it? Sounds familiar, right? Well, that’s your cue to include muscle activation techniques in your life. 

So what are Muscle Activation Techniques? (MAT)

Muscle Activation Techniques
Muscle activation techniques are a unique muscle therapy and strengthening program that focuses on the following points primarily.
Identifying and analyzing the joint instability, muscular disbalance, and mobility problems Secondly, it uses non-invasive techniques to increase muscle efficiency that is suitable for all ages. Who does this? A muscle activation therapist. They assess your muscle capabilities and help you bring them back to total capacity by applying pressure and giving you specific exercises. It might have occurred to you that muscle activation techniques are only for athletes, but they are not. Even if you are a recreational runner and suffer from muscle problems, you have a muscle activation technique for yourself.
Now, let’s discuss the benefits muscle activation techniques or (MAT ) can have in your life.


Whenever the muscles become weak, they tighten. MAT therapy works on those weak points to reduce the tightness and work on the strength.


Whenever we have a pain in one of our hands, we try doing the majority of work with the other –don’t we? There’s no shame in admitting that; it’s a basic human tendency. But the benefit of the muscle activation technique is that it works on correcting those tendencies with various kinds of treatments that work on overall muscle and improves alignment.

DOES NOT WORK AGAINST THE BODY – Even though it might seem so

Unlike the mist type of exercises that work on relaxing your muscles, which makes you go through foam rolling or heat, MAT works on working with your strengths and makes room for them to contract better.


Muscle Activation Techniques
Another benefit of MAT is that you don’t have to do the same program again. Your MAT therapist will continually make your program changes every next time to make your muscles respond to the therapy. So as you improve on the muscle activation techniques, you can go back to more strength and power-involved exercises. As a result, the range of motion for your muscles also improves.


The primary work of muscle activation techniques is to improve the contraction of your muscles. How does it do that? It restores the signals that your muscles should get from your brain. Hence, it works with the nervous system as well. According to a survey, 8.6 million people suffer from sports injuries. MAT increases your muscle stability and improves brain-muscle communication, lack of which is one of the leading causes behind long-term muscle dysfunction. The benefits of the muscle activation techniques are all in real-time; if you follow the therapy, you will notice the difference. So if you are still ignoring that muscle pain from the run, it’s time you stop it and acknowledge muscle activation techniques.

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Written by Dushyant Gandotra

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