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Alpha male personality


Alpha male personality: Behavior and traits.


Who is an alpha man do you wonder what is the answer to this question? An alpha man is a man who is nothing like any other man. This man is the one that stands out of all the men. An alpha man is strong and is a tribe alone. He is the man of men, he is the leader and he is the one that no matter what will sweep away all the women around any men. When an alpha man enters the room, there is no other man who can compete with him. No matter what you call him or how you describe him, he is the man men imagine to be and women wish to be with.

Don’t worry, if you wish to be one or care to know what are the traits of an alpha man, here we are with just the right information for you. Scroll down and give it a read.

How to be an alpha man?

1. No Arrogance

Alpha -male

While it might sound blunt but this is the truth. Arrogance will only make you appear like a jerk which an alpha man is not. Anger is not a friend of alpha man, so keep that hidden deep inside you. The only time the alpha man is angry is when he has to take a stand for himself or his friends. On other times, he will sit comfortably and watch all doing whatever they do.

2.   Who is the leader here?

Alpha Man

Leadership comes naturally to an alpha man. They stand out of the group and there is no one present to match up to their level thus they have to stand up to lead the tribe.

To be able to learn to become a leader in a night’s time is a bizarre thing to hear and it is practically impossible. Although, one can always try to do what they wish to achieve. Keep your observation skills at their peak and notice the leaders you have around you and extract whatever qualities you can from them. Be a boss and shine like one.

3. Speak less but strong 


It is always said that an empty vessel makes the most noise and the same applies to an alpha man to. The wiser the man will be, the lesser they will get indulged into speaking unnecessarily. An alpha man is a man who will not keep speaking and nagging you all the time.

But he won’t stop or keep shut if he looks at something wrong happening. Communication is a specific art and it takes special attention to learn it if it is not coming to you naturally. Master the art of communication if you wish to be an alpha man. He won’t fear to address a large audience but he won’t waste his time on speaking things that make no sense.

4.Charismatic presence


The traits and the kind of persona we have read so far expresses that an alpha man is a wise man that is meant to stand out of the crowd no matter what. The alpha man when enters the room will steal all the limelight away. It is just how he will be. He will have the charisma to bind everyone’s attention. The firm handshake, the aura, the command of interaction just brings it all together.

This trait is something that cannot be brought in the personality just like that. It often comes naturally but if you wish to transform yourself in the way an alpha man is, you can start from making eye contacts while you enter a room and not by shying away. Keep your body straight and strong because yes, your body posture speaks a lot.

5. Decision making


A strong person is bound to make the important and right decision on their own and with alpha man; everything becomes even more important and stronger. An alpha man does not rely on others to make a decision for him or to asses him in making decisions but he does that on his own.

An alpha man is capable of making strong and correct decisions on his own that comes out as the right decisions made. No matter what the situation is an alpha man will be equipped with all the brain to judge the situation, his surroundings and how he can make the situation work by keeping it profitable or at least positive for everyone around him.  

To become the same, it is extremely important to stop doubting yourself and believing yourself. The basic trait for this one is to keep your calm all the time. You might be having a million of thoughts running through your mind but to bring that out is not the option for you. Keep them in, the process them and just never lose the calm and look nonchalant.

6.  Less expressive 


An alpha man carries a straight face with a single expression on their face around. Giggling, shying, laughing, chuckling, squinting, these are something an alpha man would never do. They are not as much expressive like the rest of us.

It is important to bring this in yourself if you wish to be an alpha man. You cannot go around the world with all the expressions but your temples kept high most of the time. It is not as if an alpha man does not feel much but they have a literal boundary they would never wish to cross. They do not wish to express everything and even the things they do, they keep them inside to save themselves from getting involved in any kind of feelings or a situation they do not wish for.

So these are the traits of an alpha man you had to know. If you find yourself capable enough to take and indulge them in your life then there is nothing that will be able to obstacle you from being an alpha man.

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Written by Divya Gandotra

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