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Alternative to Pull-ups

Are you working out to get the perfect body for the beach or just doing it to get back in shape? Even if you are a bodybuilder or just working out, then pull-ups are the best thing to do because that will help you in burning calories and losing the extra fat, which will further help you in getting back in shape. Pull-ups are in every person’s workout regime because they help in shaping your body. Pull-ups are an amazing way to make sure that you are working out every muscle in the body. Here are some best alternatives for pull-ups if you do not have an exercise bar at home:

Why are pull-ups good?

If you are into exercising and working out, then there are high chances that you have already done pull-ups. Every trainer includes pull-ups in the training program, and it helps in building the muscles in a possible way. You do not have to worry if you cannot go to the gym every day because there are various alternatives for pull-ups.

  • Lateral squeezes:

The lateral squeezes help in pulling up the muscles and building them in the best possible way. For this exercise, you need a set of 5 pounds of dumbbells if you want to succeed in building your muscles through this alternative method. You have to stand with your feet apart from each other and then keep your upper arm close to the body where both your arms will be parallel to the floor. Then you have to draw the elbows of your hands towards each other and keep repeating this exercise.

  • Renegade rows:

It is another wonderful exercise that can be an alternative for pull-ups. Make sure that if you follow this exercise, then you have at least 10 to 20 pounds of dumbbells at home for exercise. You need to place your dumbbells on the floor and then get yourself into the pushup position. Your shoulders will be above your wrists in this position, and the feet will be apart. Rest your hands on the weights and grab them tightly. Make sure that your shoulder is pointing towards the direction of the ceiling, and then keep switching the sides for this exercise.

  • T hold:

It is a safe exercise for people who feel difficulty in moving or are overweight. You can also build your upper body without doing any pull-ups in this exercise. It would be best if you had a band for this exercise so that you can pull it out full shoulder width. Then put your palms forwards, and the shoulder blades will be in a position where your chest will be up. Make sure to hold the band for 20 seconds in this position and relax your neck so that you can engage with your core for the entire time. This exercise will help you in alternating the pull-ups and building the muscles to the strength that you want.

Written by Arjun Gehlot

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