Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham has worked in many television shows and is very famous as a model.
Everyone has different opinions about their body and health. Like every other person, Ashley
Graham also faced a lot of criticism from people about her body, but the only thing that kept
motivating her was her acceptance of her body. She has covered a lot of magazines as she
is also known as an activist for body positivity. It is essential to understand your journey and
accept the way your body is because it helps you in carrying yourself in a much better way.

Let’s talk about Ashley Graham’s weight loss:

Ashley Graham Weight LossIn the year 2000, Ashley Graham was discovered by a modelling company. The company
offered her a modelling job when she was shopping at the mall, and she was very young at
that time. In 2003, she applied for the modelling job and then she started becoming famous
because of the magazines. She did a ted talk about body positivity, and she spoke about her
journey about how she dealt with people who used to put her down because of her body and
weight. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey is very healthy, and she makes sure to eat
fruits, vegetables and other healthy products.

Ashley Graham Weight LossAshley Graham weight loss journey has many pictures and videos of her doing her
everyday routine and exercising. It is imperative to be active physically every day because
that is one way to increase your energy levels and your body health. It also helps in burning
the calories and extra fats from the body. You can do various exercises like burpees, squats,
push-ups to lose weight and stay healthy. Ashley Graham weight loss journey involved
running a 5k marathon for her body

. The actress loves kickboxing as it
used to help her to lose a lot of calories, and it is one of those exercises which helped her in
strengthening her bones and muscles. The actress made sure to look after everything when
she was losing weight.

Ashley Graham Weight LossShe also said that it is important to keep your mind positive at all times and have a very
straightforward attitude towards your body because that is one thing that will give you peace
that you need mentally. Every person around you has a different perception and body shape
but what you want your body to be is your choice. Let people say whatever they want to but
make sure that at the end of the day, you are happy with the way you look because once
you start respecting your body, then everything comes around.

Eat healthy food, and make sure that you are doing everything to keep yourself active and
full of energy at all times. There are times when you might feel dull, but don’t let that come in
between your routine and make sure to follow what your diet says.


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Written by Arjun Gehlot

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