Ashley Graham weight loss

Ashley Graham is a popular American model and television presenter who has done many shoots and is known for her amazing transformation. When it comes to models, everyone expects them to be fit and healthy. Even though there are many expectations going around for them, some models genuinely work hard to maintain their bodies. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to all the people out there because her transformation gave motivation to a lot of people. It is amazing to see that she put in so much to make sure that she becomes fit and gets the body that she desires. 

She followed a lot of strategies when it came to weight loss and made sure to eat healthy at all times to get the body that she desires. There are a lot of fans out there who want to follow in her footsteps and get the amazing body. There is no secret behind her weight loss as she followed the basic process of exercising and changing her eating habits. There are many measures that you can take up from Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey if you want to lose weight. 

Ashley Graham weight loss 2020

Ashley Graham weight loss

Ashley Graham devotes five days a week, which are Monday to Friday, to her box fit, which is heavy training and involves boxing. It is said that people tend to lose weight faster if the workout is intense and makes them move their bodies more. Ashley Graham’s weight loss plan involves an intense workout of box fit, which helped her lose a lot of calories and made her fit. She was able to lose a lot of calories and body fat because of her box fit routine. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey is a fantastic example for people who are working on getting the body they desire and reach their goals. Ashley Graham made sure to burn the calories, which are excess and causing weight gain in her body. Consuming calories is one reason why a person gains weight, but it is also easy to burn those calories if the person does an intense workout or avoids eating junk food. 

Ashley Graham weekly exercises routine: 

You can start to consider this as the first day of the week, which is Monday, and it goes on till Friday. Five days every week, Ashley Graham is devoted to working out efficiently so that she is able to lose the weight that she wants to. 

  • The box fit routine used to start with 2 minutes of skipping a session, and after that, there were three different rounds to be followed. With time Ashley Graham started increasing the skipping time to 3 minutes because it helped her in burning extra calories. She also focused on achieving better outcomes out of these exercise routines. She used to follow the rounds and then start her 2 minutes skipping session again. 
  • Ashley Graham performed box jumping, burpees, high kicks, push-ups, and continuous circuit after her skipping sessions. Her workout plan was simple, and that’s how she kept adding her exercises after her skipping sessions. She used to work with the rope as her closing workout for 2 minutes every day. 
  • Ashley Graham’s weight loss plans on Tuesday were spent with the circuits at the gym. She used to work with ten circuits at the gym, and she specifically paid attention to the polymeric and weight strengthening workouts during these sessions. She used to practice these workouts for three rounds and finish it with the highest outcome possible. 
  • The precise circuits that she used to use at the gym involved box jumps, burpees, leg press, lunges, treadmill, and pull-ups. She also used to spend a lot of time over the row and workout. It was also her way of speeding the outcomes that she’ll get on Thursdays. 
  • Ashley Graham’s Wednesdays were all about wind training, and to exercise the wind training resistance, Ashley used to get herself out for running. She used to push herself on the training track for five rounds and used to have intense workout sessions after that in order to get rid of the calories. It was her greatest outcome in the wind-resistance round. 
  • Before starting the wind-resistance, Ashley started running slowly, which further tempted her to run more often, and she started pushing herself to do this more intensely. The strategy of the wind-resistance workout was published five times. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey made her lose a lot of calories when it came to the wind resistance program. 
  • On Thursdays, Ashley Graham used to do standard weights, which required a lot of power and flexibility from her side. She also used to do a lot of other workouts like kettlebell swings and goblet squats. 
  • Ashley Graham’s weight loss routine on Friday used to be the same as it was on Monday. 

Ashley Graham weight loss diet impact on people: 

Ashley Graham weight loss

There are a lot of ways to impact people, and Ashley Graham did that through her weight loss journey, which inspired a lot of people. To get her energy level up, Ashley used to drink green smoothies, which are known for increasing energy levels in the body. She made sure not to compromise with her body and kept drinking the green smoothies. She used to have one glass of green smoothies during dinner or breakfast every day. This used to provide her the energy that she needed to go on with her day. Many people think that losing weight in a brief amount of time is not easy, but Ashley Graham proved them wrong. She worked as a motivator for people when it came to weight loss and proved all the myths wrong. People going through this stage got a chance to work and follow the celebrity’s footsteps and reach their goal. It is imperative to understand that the weight loss journey is never easy, and with that, it is also important to understand that you cannot rush the process, so it has to be one step at a time. It requires a lot of patience, but if you set your mind on losing weight, then you eventually reach that stage and complete your goal. Ashley Graham’s weight loss journey proved every person wrong who criticized her moves and steps. 

Diet plan of Ashley Graham weight loss journey: 

Ashley Graham’s weight loss plan includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, which also has the additional green smoothie that she drinks every day for energy. Every person’s body works differently, and it is essential to understand the food products and drinks which will provide energy. For Ashley Graham, it was green smoothies and lots of green vegetables, which helped her in boosting her energy. She used to eat a bowl of bananas, strawberries, cinnamon, and spinach every day. These were the food products which helped in supplying the needed nutrients like vitamins and proteins in her body. Sometimes people forget that while dieting, it is also essential to see if their body is getting the nutrients that it needs, but Ashley made sure that with every meal she is consuming, her body is getting sufficient amounts of minerals and proteins. Ashley Graham was blessed with incredible energy to go with her day and work while working out and following her diet every day. 

She also made sure to treat herself to her favorite food during the weekend as she used to follow a very strict diet routine from Monday to Friday. It also helped her change her diet a little bit and not get bored with the food she consumes daily. She also used to add fancy food like cheese and macaroni in her meals to make sure that she doesn’t get bored with her diet and also gets to change the taste every once in a while. 

Ashley Graham weight loss

The celebrity was also going through a major stomach ache problem a few years back. The celebrity was refluxed with acid, which also resulted in nausea. She also made sure to keep her routine the same as she did not want to go through the same stomach ache problems again, and it was imperative for her to keep eating healthy food to stay healthy overall. During lunch, Ashley used to have brown rice with tahini and quinoa. She also preferred having a lot of vegetables during her lunch because that used to provide her with a lot of nutrients needed by her body. These are the few things that helped Ashley to stay fit and also lose her weight. 


Ashley Graham faced a lot of rejections in her life because of her bulky body. She also found how to transform her body and get on track with eating healthy food and following healthy routines. 

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