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Interactive At-Home Boxing Workout with Equipment

Boxing is a very rewarding game. You will not only be able to gain a skill, you can defend yourself and use it as a fitness treatment as well. With the help of boxing, you can work on your upper body as well as your lower body. It is a common misconception that boxing is all about the upper body and it doesn’t involve the lower body in any way. When you punch, your body generates energy from the core but you will use that energy and deliver it with the help of your arm and fist. Another very important thing is the footwork because if you can maintain your balance, this will eventually help you in winning the game. When you have limited time for exercise, boxing is the only solution. It is great cardio that will help you burn calories and you will gain strength. For someone obese or overweight, this is a great exercise as well. You can use weight and other equipment for the boxing workout or you can simply skip everything and work on a bag only. It all depends on you, you have so many different options. Boxing routines are not just limited to what you see on TV, they are mostly derived from martial arts and have various fitness challenges as well. Due to pandemics when most of us are thinking about finding ways to get ourselves busy before finally getting out in the new world. It is time to get a little healthy and focus on fitness. If we try to compare the fitness equipment price, we will see that even a simple treadmill will cost a lot, however, if you buy boxing gloves and bags, it will cost almost nothing. In short, you will save money, time, and a lot more just with the help of boxing.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best at-home boxing workouts that you can perform with your friends. We will also list down some basic types for beginners. In addition to this, we will also list down some options to make it interactive and interesting.

What A Beginner Needs To Know?

Before we jump straight into the types of exercise, we need to know in detail about the basics of boxing so a beginner can also understand everything. A simple boxing workout is not just limited to punches. You need to know about the footwork and how to effectively use your shoulders and back as well. Your pace matters as much as your moves so you need to practice both. Apart from this, you need to get a basic understanding of the technique and then work on the strength. In case you miss the technique, you might even end up injuring yourself. Most people push the body without understanding its limit which will eventually strain the muscles. If you keep working with strained muscles, it can cause injury, and eventually, this can cause some serious irreversible damage. Before starting your beginners’ prep you can check simple boxing tutorials online that will help you understand the overall requirements.

at-home boxing workouts
Some basic boxing maneuvers that you need to learn for the workout:

  • Uppercut
  • Left and right hook
  • Left and right jab
  • Left and right cross
  • Hooks
  • Sidekicks
  • Front kicks
  • Roundhouse kicks

Overall, it all comes down to the combinations because you are not going to practice these maneuvers individually. You need some extra work so you can use combinations and practice them for use.

Start With Warm-Up

Before jumping straight into practice sessions you need to start with the help of a simple warm-up session. A warm-up session will help you get ready and you will be able to reduce the chance of injury. This also means that your body will be able to perform better and you will be able to regain the flexibility that you have lost over time due to your passive lifestyle.

Two of the best things that you can do for the warm-up are stretching and shadowboxing. This means that you can start with stretching and this will help you improve the flexibility in your body. Eventually, you need to work on shadowboxing and this will help you with footwork, use of energy, and focus. All you need for shadow boxing is some gloves. However, you can work without gloves as well. For this, you need to wrap some hot bandages around your first and you are ready to go.

at-home boxing workouts
Work With a Bag

Now that you know about combinations and you have practiced all combinations with shadowboxing, you need to move forward with the bag work. For this, you will need gloves and a punching bag. Usually, the punching bag is a little heavy so you need to get something appropriate according to you. With the help of a bag, you can practice all the punching and kicking combinations, and eventually, you will be able to see that your punches are getting powerful. Adding a bag will also improve resistance and burn some extra calories. This is also good for muscle strengthening. Overall, adding a bag work will help you also with the practice.

Weight Based Workout

Now that you have become acquainted with the bag workout, you can move one step further. You can add weight to your workout now. This will help you with muscle building and strength training. For the weight-based workout, you need to start with some light dumbbells for jabs and crosses. Then add squats and dumbbells as well as basic bicep curls and kettlebell swings. Most people practice boxing combinations with weight in their hands. This is a strength-building exercise that will also help you with cardio. However, one thing that most people don’t understand is that it is a bit technical. You don’t have to start with weight training unless you are good with technique. If you are not good with technique, the weight will only strain your muscles and this will eventually impact your whole body.

at-home boxing workouts
Every phase and every step is important for the overall workout. Stretching will get your body ready and a bag workout will help you improve your technique. Eventually, with the help of a weight-based workout, your muscles will improve and get used to the overall strength and workout. This is a complete package that will help you improve your workout plan.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you can find so many different at-home workouts that you can perform. However, it is up to you if you want to make it simple or you want to use some other techniques. Boxing can sometimes become very boring if you are using the same pattern so it is best to mix it up and use different maneuvers. Another important thing is to improve focus. Most people do not use full energy or they keep swaying which doesn’t help them in improving their body balance. To resolve this issue, you need to start listening to music so that you can have a better focus. This will also help you improve the overall workout pace. Fast music will help you get more energized and increase your pace. On the contrary, you will see that mellow and soft music will decrease your pace.

Written by Arjun Gehlot

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