Can You Whiten Your Sensitive Teeth?


More people suffer from stained teeth than you might think. Teeth being stained doesn’t have anything to do with the individual’s dental hygiene. 

However, if you have sensitive teeth, you may be worried about using a teeth whitening system. After all, sensitive teeth can become quite painful during even standard dental cleanings. What about teeth whitening?

Can I Whiten My Sensitive Teeth?

The important thing to consider if you have sensitive teeth is professional teeth whitening systems. While it’s possible to buy a home teeth whitening system at the store, you can’t be sure that these systems won’t harm your sensitive teeth. But if your dentist is overseeing the teeth whitening process, they can take steps to ensure that your teeth move forward without harm or discomfort.

While it may be more expensive to have your teeth professionally whitened, you don’t want to experience the pain that can come with home teeth whitening systems.

How Do Teeth Whitening Systems Work?

Typically, teeth whitening will involve the use of various bleaching gels, but this is not necessarily required. You could discuss different options available with your dentist if you’re worried about bleaching gels. With that being said, modern bleaching gels are buffered. This process takes away the harshness of the products, which means that they are safer for sensitive teeth.

If your dentist is worried about using gels or in-office bleaching systems on your teeth, they may suggest certain whitening toothpaste, which is safe for sensitive teeth. They may also recommend a fluoride rinse. The good thing about a specific toothpaste, however, is that these often not only whiten your teeth but strengthen them as well.

Discuss your concerns about teeth whitening honestly with your dentist. The more they know about your worries and your goals, the easier it will be for them to give you the results you want.

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