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Check Out These Unique Exercises For Height Increase

Exercises For Height Increase

Are you not happy with your height? Do you want to increase your height and look beautiful? Here you have the solution!

The first thing that people notice when they see you is your personality. Height plays a role in enhancing your personality. It is well known to you that the genetic factors are responsible for the growth of a person. The growth hormone called somatostatin plays a vital role in the growth of height. Growth generally stops or slows down after the onset of puberty, but in some cases, the height growth keeps increasing till the age of twenty-five or so. There are specific exercises that can add some more inches to your height. The exercises for height increase are as follows:

1. Dryland swim

Exercise for Height Increase

The Dryland swim exercise focuses on the lower back. It is also known as alternate kicks exercise.


To do this exercise, you need to stretch yourself and lie down on the land on your ventral side; that is your stomach. Then extend your arms straight in front, keeping the palms faced towards the floor. Now raise your one arm higher than the other hand, keeping the body straight. Lift it and stay in this position for some time. Repeat for the other hand. As you excel in doing the exercise, increase the number of sets that you were doing. Adding wrist and ankle weights will be perfect if you want to tone your muscles.

2. Hanging

increase height fast

This exercise focuses on the whole body stretching.


To do this exercise, get hold of a fixed bar or sturdy twig hanging from the tree. Hold carefully and hang from the height. Keep your arms and spine straight. Remain in the position for about thirty seconds. Your muscles get stretched and the tangled muscles get unclogged. Three times daily, executing this exercise will undoubtedly help you to increase height.

3. Pelvic shift

Complete Guide to Growing Taller

This exercise targets the pelvic region and the spine. 


You have to put arms and feet accurately and firmly on the floor. You have to bend your knees and draw the feet as close to your buttock as possible. Now you have to thrust your body up from the hip and keep the position for some time, and then you relax for some time and start again with the other set.

There are many other exciting exercises to height increase which have to be done regularly. A dedicated effort must be there.

Essential things to be kept in mind while doing exercises

Several things need to be followed during and before exercising. Following a proper regime will ensure that you are making most of the exercises. Here are some of the essential aspects for you to keep in mind: 

Before work out 

                   increase height fast                                                                              

  1. Drink little water, not too much.
  2. Warm-up yourself to avoid work out injuries and cramps.
  3. Eat light food.
  4. Wear loose and comfortable dresses.
  5. Wear proper footwear

During work out

Exercise for Height Increase

  1. Drink water at regular intervals but less in quantity.
  2. Inhalation and exhalation should be normal.
  3. Weights should be on the instruction of the trainer.
  4. Only those workouts should be done that has been instructed to you by the trainer.
  5. Do not keep your mouth open while working out.

After work out

Complete Guide to Growing Taller

  • Do not take a bath immediately after work out.
  • Do not overeat immediately after your work out.
  • If you are working out in an air-conditioned room, immediately do not go in the sun.
  • Keep your hair tied up neatly and comfortably.

There are certain precautions that you need to take while working out:

  1. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, whether you can exercise or not.
  2. Consult your doctor if you have any disorder or disease.
  3. Always follow your trainer and listen to what he instructs.

The bottom line

Height increase is a biological phenomenon. It depends on an individual’s genes. But you should never give up in life. Exercising is beneficial for all. So, go ahead and try different activities and sports. These will, of course, help you to stay active as well as play a pivotal role in increasing your height. 

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