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Dental Implants: Myths Debunked And A Few Facts


Dental implants exploded onto the scene around the mid-1960s, when a scientist named Per-Ingvar Branemark discovered that titanium actually bonds with human bone and tissue. That was the start of implant development, which is still going on to this day. Using hi-tech equipment, the dentist calculates precisely where and at what angle the titanium should be inserted into the jawbone. After insertion, it takes about 3-6 weeks for a bond to form between the bone, tissue, and metal.

Here are a few common myths about dental implants that seem to be circulating.

  • Dental Implants Are High Maintenance – The truth is, once fitted, you treat your implants much the same as you would regular teeth, brushing and flossing normally and as they are not removable, you forget after a while that they are prosthetic teeth. Indeed, dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth and should last a lifetime.
  • Implants Are Very Expensive – That may have been the case many years ago when dental implants were considered expensive, yet prices have now dropped to a level that everyone can afford dental implants. There are also payment plans to help spread the cost and if you would like to know the tooth implant cost in Brisbane or in your city, Google is your best friend.
  • The Treatment Is Painful – There are some who would say that almost every dental procedure is painful, yet the dentist has a range of anesthetics to ensure the patient feels the minimum of discomfort. The treatment is divided into two stages: the insertion of the titanium pins and lastly, the fitting of the prosthetic teeth. If you have a fear of the dentist’s chair, the medical professional can put you at ease before the treatment begins.
  • Dental Implants Don’t Look Natural – You probably know quite a few people who are wearing dental implants, yet you would never tell. The dentist is highly skillful and when the prosthetic teeth are fitted, they look and feel like the real thing, perfectly matching your teeth.

Facts About Dental Implants

  • There Are Several Forms Of Dental Implant – Endosteal is the most common form of implant, which involves inserting titanium pins into the jawbone. Some people have an inadequate bone in this area and subperiosteal implants are an alternative; the post sits on the bone under the gum tissue and a thin wire frame provides the support. The other form of dental implant is the zygomatic type; the implant is placed in the cheek rather than the jaw, but this is rarely used.
  • There Are Different Types Of Prosthetic Teeth – Some are made from porcelain and some from ceramic. Costs also differ.

    Dental Implants: Myths Debunked And A Few Facts

If you would like to learn more about dental implants, search Google for a local dentist who specializes in dental implant treatment. The initial consultation would be to assess your needs and determine your suitability. If all is well, a treatment schedule can be set and 3D imagery will help the dentist choose anchor points.

Written by Yash Vijay

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