10 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes

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Here are ten early signs of diabetes that will help you in staying alert as well as coping up with the problem before it escalates-

1. Unexplained Loss Of Weight

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes
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High levels of blood sugar can lead to quick and unexpected loss of weight because your body might not be able to absorb glucose properly. When excessive urine is excreted due to the glucose or sugars, it is not stored for energy in the cells. This not just decreases the number of calorie intake but can also lead to unexpected unhealthy loss of weight in a short period. This consistent excretion of sugar through urinating can also cause increased hunger.

2. Excessive Thirst along with Frequent Urination

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes

A red flag of the Type 2 diabetes is an extraordinary urge to urinate. So, if you have the urge to empty your bladder, typically during the night, it could be a warning signal. When someone has a case of diabetes, their body is not so efficient at breaking down food into sugar. As a result, they have an amount of extra sugar in their blood. This leads to their kidneys work harder to rid the blood of that sugar.

3. The increased amount of Hunger

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It’s approximated that an incredible number of one in four people in the world does have diabetes and is unknown about it. Another obvious sign of your condition is being shaky or feeling unsteady. You might be craving for carbohydrates or sugar.

4. The feeling of Tiredness All The Time

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes
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People tend to get a bit sluggish and very fatigued now and then. It’s only natural in today’s fast-moving world where we all try to put so much in one box. But a feeling of fatigue and tiredness could be a subtle sign that you might be having Type 2 diabetes. Tiredness on its own may not occur to you as a significant sign but when coupled with numerous other symptoms, it seems worth it to get a medical check up done. When your cells are totally robbed of glucose and don’t have the required fuel to energise the body as they’re supposed to do, exhaustion and weakness result.

5. Vision Problems might take a toll

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Another early sign of diabetes is the occurrence of blurring of vision because then the eyes are sensitive to high blood sugar levels. Glucose levels might spike, dehydration might results as fluid is captured from the tissues.

6. Very Prone to Infections

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes
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Diabetes is branded as “the silent killer” because symptoms of diabetes can actually lead to an early diagnosis that can be overlooked. If unchecked, diabetes can actually cause serious complications. One of the most probable cures to detect early is to develop frequent infections.
This might be because diabetes slows down the immune system, which significantly affects the body’s natural ability to fight off infections. This might mean that someone who has diabetes might fall ill way more often than a person who has normal blood sugar levels.

7. Slow Healing of Cuts and Bruises

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Type two diabetes shows lots of early signs. However, they might seem to be simply minor medical annoyances rather than something that is a huge alert of something serious going on. Whenever in doubt, the best way out is to ask your doctor to carry out a few different tests.

8. Tingling and Numbness in the body

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes
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When a person has too much sugar intake in their blood, it might lead to complications, which might be an early warning sign that they have diabetes. One of these is a sharp tingling and numbness in the extreme forms, such as in the feet and hands, this is called as a condition of Diabetic Neuropathy. This might happen because of the elevated blood glucose levels that interfere with signals transmitted by nerves. The walls of small blood vessels are weakened by a significant fraction, and the blood supply is cut off in the extremities.

9. Skin Problems might occur

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We’ve already said that an appropriate way to be diagnosed early is to look out for numerous symptoms that could prevent serious health complications from developing. Type two diabetes has a broad reach and can affect every single part of the body. Our bodies are basically made up of around 50% to 70% of water, and hence the urge arises to empty our bladders frequently can lead to the skin drying out. Diabetes affects blood circulation, and this can also result in dehydration.

10. Irritability of mood

Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes
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Everyone gets moody or grumpy from time to time. However, continued irritability is another common sign of underlying health issues, which again might go unnoticed. If you have the urge to urinate a lot, are plagued by infections, are always hungry, are constantly tired, then you are bound to be short-tempered or depressed. It’s all down to your blood sugar being out of balance and losing energy that should be stored in your cells.

Written by Dushyant Gandotra

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