Too Embarrassed to Get a Pedicure?

Too Embarrassed to Get a Pedicure?
Too Embarrassed to Get a Pedicure?

When it comes to pampering yourself, pedicures make it to the top of the list for many.  While some feel that it is the next best thing to heaven and can’t wait till their next appointment at the salon, others feel too embarrassed to even think about getting a pedicure.  It isn’t just Mr. Macho-man who is entangled by this feeling of embarrassment, women too fall prey to the feeling.

If you want to get over your fear of pedicures and treat your feet, you’ve come to the right place because we are going to go through 5 reasons why people hesitate and why we think you should let go of your fear and get that first (and definitely not the last) pedicure click to see best seller for pedicure kit.


Pedicure hesitate

There can be a number of reasons why one would be embarrassed or hesitant to get a pedicure, but here are the most common ones:


  1. Poor Condition of the Nails and Feet

Dirty feet - Embarrassed to get a pedicure

People are conscious beings, and being conscious beings, they care way too much about how they look or what others feel about them. It’s one of the most common reasons why people are embarrassed to get a pedicure. “What will the lady who does my pedicure think about my dirty feet?”

It’s like not going to the doctor when you’re sick. Don’t be conscious about how “dirty” your feet are because you’re going to get them cleaned anyway at the salon. Everyone’s feet are dirty, and yours are no different, but once you get that pedicure, they will be! So, let go of this thought and go in for your first ever pedicure!

  1. Ticklish Feet – “It Feels Weird”

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that the foot (more specifically the sole) is arguably the most sensitive (and ticklish) part of the body. This is what stops many from getting a pedicure.  “I’ll just sit there like a fool, laughing.”

Let us tell you this – It feels heavenly. That might as well be an understatement. By the end of it, you’ll be thanking yourself for getting it done.

  1. Fear of Getting Your Nails Chopped Off

If you fear that the lady at the salon would pluck the whole nail out and leave you nail-less and in agony? You’re not alone. That’s not going to happen. Breathe. Your nails will be happy and healthy as never before by the end of it. (Oh, and beautiful too.)

  1. Too Many Options to Choose From

confused- embarrassed to get pedicure

Tis confusion! A long list of options seems intimidating to many, and so they back away. When in doubt, ask the person at the reception. They will give you information about each and every item of the list, making your life easier.

  1. Price

It is no secret that pedicures aren’t cheap, but it’s not fair to shy away from it by saying that it’s not worth the price without even trying, right? You’re not getting a service, you’re putting your money in an investment that pays back manifold. Hard to believe? You’ll believe us when you get your first pedicure done click to see for the one time investment on Professional Pedicure kit.

Now that you know everything there is to know about going into your first pedicure with your head held high, brimming with confidence, start your spa hunt today and treat your feet!

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Written by Stephen John

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