Essential Facts You Need to Know About Vaping

Are you trying to get rid of your smoking habit but facing difficulties in doing so? If the answer to this question is yes, then transitioning to E-Cigs might be just what you need. In the face of the ongoing pandemic, many smokers around the globe are trying to quit smoking.

Some try to leave their smoking habits behind them gradually, while others try to go cold turkey. It has been analyzed that a majority of smokers who try to go cold turkey eventually resume smoking after a week or so. It is hard to kick a habit and suppress the urge of nicotine, which is why many people recommend a smooth transition from tobacco to e-cigs before eventually going cold turkey and ditching the smoking habit altogether.

Before we proceed to our list of essential facts that everyone should know about vaping, it is important to mention that you should only switch to vaping if your intentions are to find a less harmful source of nicotine before you give up smoking altogether. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke regular tobacco cigarettes or you go for the less harmful e-cigs; your lungs get exposed to harmful toxins anyway. 

Therefore, switch to vaping with the intention that you will eventually go cold turkey and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Vaping is Less Harmful But Not Healthy

Essential Facts You Need to Know About Vaping

We have mentioned this before: vaping is less harmful to your lungs and bystanders in contrast to regular tobacco cigarettes; however, this doesn’t exempt vaping from being a harmful substance. The aerosol that you inhale from the e-cigs contains nicotine, flavor, and chemicals. 

In contrast to traditional cigarettes, you are exposed to fewer toxins; however, the toxins in the e-cigs are still dangerous for your health. Excessive vaping can also damage your lungs and be the cause of respiratory diseases.

Vape – Bad for Health

Although e-cigs are an approved alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, you might want to avoid getting addicted to them because vaping is bad for your health and can be the cause of different heart and lung-related diseases. 

Nicotine is used in both regular cigs and e-cigs. While the ratio of nicotine might be lower in e-cigs, we cannot deny the fact that nicotine is an addictive substance. Once you are hooked on the substance, you cannot help but overdo and smoke more than you should, which can damage your health by impacting your heart and lungs. 

People need to comprehend that e-cigs are not a “healthy” alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. In fact, e-cigs are only a “milder” alternative to regular cigarettes, while the air exhaled from the vape is also less harmful to the passive inhalers of the e-cigs.

Vaping can cause asthma, high blood pressure, lung diseases if you continuously keep exposing yourself to the chemicals of e-cigs. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a social smoker, you can socialize with vaping as you get rid of the traditional cigarettes; however, refrain from getting hooked onto the flavors of vape and e-cigs as these are just as addictive as regular tobacco cigarettes. 

If you are thinking about turning to e-cigarettes to get rid of the tobacco-smoking habit, we recommend that you refrain from vaping or using e-cigs that contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). If you are a parent and your kids are into vaping because of the wide range of flavors, make sure they don’t overdo it. 

Also, while obtaining e-cigs, buy them only from reputable sources. Avoid relying on unregistered online dealers to obtain e-cigs. Once you have received your vaping device, don’t tamper with it by modifying the substances which were never intended to be included in the e-cigs by the manufacturer. 

Written by Priya Rai

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