Fortress Osha Stair System | Everything You Must Know!

When it comes to stair systems, one thing that everyone would agree on is that the construction of these stairs was considered very carefully. There are many different standards that they have to follow to make a stair system safe and efficient. Today, when we have so many different types of stairs available, here are a few things that you need to understand about the standards that every industrial stair has to follow.

Industrial Stairs

There are many businesses that have private facilities. These stairs are usually not for public use for example the areas like factory floors, manufacturing spaces, etc. These are the stairs that are not bound by IBC that is International Building Code. These stairs usually come under the occupational safety and Administrations (OSHA) fixed industrial stair regulations. This is the administration that governs the complete process of construction of these stairways. The Fortress OSHA stair system is one of these designs. These stairs comply with all the industrial codes and have a strong build to provide the stability that is needed for industrial use.

These OSHA-compliant stairs are designed keeping industrial standards in mind. These are designed to carry a heavy load which makes them perfect for industrial use. As per the rules, these OSHA-compliant designs are made to take a load of 1000 pounds with handrails and guardrails designed to hold 200 pounds of pressure.

The Fortress OSHA Stair System

The Fortress OSHA stair system is known for several different qualities. Some of these qualities are-

  • They provide temporary as well as permanent solutions.
  • They can easily be configured to fit different applications which make the stair system more flexible.
  • There are two different sizes available in the Fortress OSHA Stair system.
  • The staircase is made using aluminum which makes it more durable and weather resistant.
  • Can hold huge weight
  • Easy to install.

These are a few points that define the famous Fortress OSHA Stair System. This stair system is designed to provide easy access to different floors in any industry. As mentioned before, these are good for both temporary and permanent use.

Key Features of Fortress OSHA Stair System

i) Height Variability – There are different heights to which these Fortress OSHA stair systems can be adjusted. Right from 3-step adjusts from 23 inches to 34 inches to 4-step adjusts from 27.5 inches to 42.5 inches, the stair system can be put to multiple uses.

ii) Adjustability – The platform legs come with the feature that allows one to adjust the width of the stair system as well. The one-step riser connection is made of an OSHA safety pin that enables to put a lock on the platform. Another very cool feature of this stair system is that it has hardware-free handrails that slide into the platform and lock securely in place with snap buttons. 

iii) Easy Installation – As the stair system is OSHA compliant, each of the components in the system weighs less than 50 lbs. This makes the installation very easy for even a single person.


In the end, we would like to say that if you are looking for an industrial stair system, this is something perfect for you. Designed to provide accessibility with durability and ease of installation, the Fortress Stair System is perfect for industrial use.

Written by Arjun Gehlot

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