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Gabourey Sidibe weight loss

In the present time, half of the population of the world falls under the category of being obese. No, we are not intending to body shame people here but we are pointing out the unhealthy lifestyle that is leading more than half of the world into the trap. Being obese is not just about the size of the body but it also becomes a major cause for the person falling in the risk of medical problems. Excessive fat storage in body attracts diseases. The one way to be on the safer side is to lose the extra weight but when the person is of huge size, it becomes very difficult for them to work on the same. Losing fat is not a piece of cake. It takes serious determination and a lot of effort to reach the goal.



Gabourey is an extremely popular actress because of her talents and because of her weight. Yes, we are not body shaming her but she was a huge size but she shocked the world with a surprise. Gabourey Sidibe weight loss is the new thing that people are talking about her because she has completely transformed her body in a slimmer and a fitter version.

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss was not an accident but the actress had been trying to do the same for a very long time. She has been open about her experiments and her diet plans she would take in order to lose the massive body but at the end of the day, she would lose her motivation and get back to the unhealthy food that was making her grow in size even more. Then what is it that caused a change of heart for her? No, it was not for her career because the woman was not enslaved by her body for her acting skills. For her debut in the movie Precious in 2009, the actress was nominated for the Academy Awards and Golden Globe awards.


The actress decided to finally work on her weight when she was diagnosed with level 2 diabetes. She realized that even if the disease is not hurting or causing any problem to her right now, it is definitely going to cause a lot of problems in the near future compiling up with her excessive weight.

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss has always been a challenge for her and she has never tried to hide it away. She has spoken out in public that she would decide to diet but would lose her motivation. After she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she was not looking to wait anymore.

To lose her weight and get her body fit, Gabourey Sidibe opted for surgery.

Gabourey Sidibe weight loss surgery.


Gabourey Sidibe chose to get her body back into shape and fit by laparoscopic bariatric surgery and she has been very open about it. There are many variants of this surgery available that helps people with excessive weight to get back into shape. Gabourey Sidibe weighed 300 pounds before her weight loss and now she only weighs about 150 pounds which is a great deal to acknowledge.

Yes, bariatric surgery makes people fit but this does not mean that every obese person can go under this surgery. There is a set of rules and limitations that have to be considered if a person is planning to go under the surgery. Below are the guidelines listed for the surgery.

– Diet and exercise have not helped in weight loss.

– Your BMI is more than or equal to 40.

– Your BMI is somewhere around 35 and you have serious health related issues that you cannot deal with because of the heavyweight like type 2 diabetes, or sleep issues.

– You are very young or a teenager and your BMI are less than 35 but you have serious health issues.

Her struggle with the surgery


As mentioned in the guidelines above, there are a few points that made her eligible for the surgery and if we are doing a case study on her then this is one point that we have to definitely know. As the same has been said, again and again, she had tried diet and exercise but it never worked and she then used to lose her motivation to keep going. We don’t exactly know what her BMI was but even if it was not 40 or above she definitely made it for the surgery because she had type 2 diabetes.

As soon as she discovered her disease, she quickly discussed her problem with her doctor who suggested her to try and get the surgery.

Going under the surgery is also not a very simple task. To reduce from a very large size to a smaller size means to get a very large piece of your body out by cutting it away.  

There are some rules that the patient has to follow for the rest of their life after the surgery. After the surgery, the person is never in their life allowed to eat food high in fat, sugar, and calories. The anatomy of the stomach changes and so if the person tries to eat more then they will throw up everything out. This can cause severe weakness too.

For an entire lifetime, the person has to stick with a diet plan that helps them to stay less and also they have to keep exercising on a daily basis to keep themselves in the same shape.

After the surgery


Gabourey Sidibe weight loss has brought a great change in her life. Unlike before, she now eats healthy, workout daily and keeps track of her healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy has been a massive struggle for the actress because she junk food was a big part of her life and that is the prime reason that dragged her into the old boy of her. Now, she has taken up healthy eating and is trying her best to maintain it for the sake of her health.

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