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Gabriel Iglesias is an amazing comedian and actor whose other name is Fluffy. He became famous after saying that I am not hot; I am just fluffy and hot. He has always been in the news and screen because of the confidence he shows about his looks. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey has inspired a lot of people because of the way he works on losing weight and also his confidence. The weight loss journey isn’t an easy one, and it takes a lot of energy to reach a point where you can be confident about your body and health. Luckily, the comedian has always been confident and never once doubted himself because of what people thought about him.

Once, the doctor told him that he only has two years to live on his hand when he went to consult the doctor. He had a lot of health-related problems like high sugar levels and blood pressure, which isn’t a normal thing. The comedian broke down after this information and got worried about himself. It was more like a wake-up call for him when the doctor informed him about his health, and he got worried about the future.

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss:

Gabriel Iglesias weight lossIt was a big worrisome issue for Gabriel Iglesias when he heard about his health from his doctor and understood that it is high time to start taking care of his health. He started to make a plan for himself so that he can lose weight and become a little better. He already has diabetes, so it was important to make sure that it was in control. The blood circulation in his body started getting bad, and there were times when he used to get black legs because of that.

There were a lot of underlying issues, and because of that, at times, his skin used to peel off and crack from the insides of his leg. He also used to experience a lot of bleeding because of these underlying issues in his body. After a while, his kidney just kept getting worse because of the issues. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey kept becoming intense because of the issues, and he understood that it is important to lose weight. After seeing all these issues, Gabriel Iglesias understood that he needed to make a new plan for himself and start taking care of himself. He invited some of his friends over to start the same journey as him so that there is support all around. It was essential to take care of the health so that these issues became a little less.

The benefit he had of partnering with his friends was that he got strong support and people who will always motivate him to work towards and for his health. His friend, who is known as Martin, made sure to support him throughout his journey, and at times like this, when you are worried about your life, support from the closest person in your life is the most you need. They also made sure to keep each other motivated at all times so that they can move forward and work on losing their weight. It is essential to stay on track always and never miss out on anything while following your journey because that can mess up with the whole routine. If you have a plan to go to the gym, then go to the gym and do not miss it. Gabriel Iglesias made sure to motivate his friends, and his friend played the same role for him.

Martin had a belief about picking up weight and exercising, but Gabriel Iglesias has a different take on working out because he feels that cardio is comfortable for him, and that will make him feel more relatable to the situation. No matter whatever they choose for themselves, they made sure to help each other and support each other at all times during the weight loss journey. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey was all about not giving up and being there for your closest person because they are going to be there for you during such times. The moment Gabriel Iglesias made up his mind to change his health situation and work on losing weight, he actually stood by that.

Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey was also peaceful because of his girlfriend helping him out through everything. She made sure to be there for him at all times and motivate him to exercise consistently. She would always motivate him to lose weight by working out and controlling the diet. Gabriel Iglesias knows that he had supportive people around him, and that’s what helped him to get through this time. A weight-loss journey takes a lot of patience and hard work, which he was ready to do for the sake of his health. During certain moments he used to break down and lose hope, but then he would ask himself about what is important and continue to work towards losing weight.

Gabriel Iglesias followed some tips, and here are those tips that you can follow in order to lose weight:

Get more active to workout at all times:

Gabriel Iglesias weight lossYou need to understand that you won’t lose weight just by sitting in one place, and you have to keep moving your body to stay active. The more exercise you do, the more calories you will burn, which is important in order to lose weight. There are various exercises that will help you in losing weight and burning calories, so you need to make a routine for yourself and work on those exercises. Make sure that you always stay consistent on your routine and keep doing it regularly because that will help in losing calories.

Control the carb intake:

It is essential to control the carb and calorie intake because that will contribute to the weight loss journey more than anything else. Make sure that you eat all the food products which are rich in proteins and have fewer calories. If you have a diet, then you need to stick to it in order to lose weight so that you are able to reach your goal as soon as possible.

Essential to control the portion size:

Gabriel Iglesias weight lossIt is important to make sure that you have a portion size set so that you do not overeat, as that leads to many problems. You need to monitor the portion size at all times because the type of food that you are eating is important, so make sure that you eat according to your portion size and do not eat. A lot of times, people do not understand that overeating is the problem with weight gain because eating after every interval makes you gain extra calories, which is not good for your weight.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is the most underrated thing that people follow these days, but it is important to keep a tab on your sleep schedule also as getting less sleep can be a reason for weight gain. If you have a night of quality sleep, then you have the advantage of good health and a proper diet too. It will keep you fresh at all times, which will help you in working out peacefully and will also give you the mental peace that you need during such situations. Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey gives out this point of sleep for 8 hours so that you wake up fresh from having a great day ahead, and also, it will help you in concentrating on your schedule.

Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated:

Gabriel Iglesias weight lossAs we all know that it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated at all times. When you are following a particular diet or schedule, it is essential that you make sure if your body is getting enough liquids because that will help in keeping your energy levels in control, and health will be on point. The water that you drink helps in keeping you hydrated and further helps in losing weight. Follow a healthy diet that suits your body: Before setting a healthy diet routine, you need to understand your body type and the type of food that will help you in the weight loss journey. A healthy diet is important because it helps in building the health of your overall body and gives the body sufficient nutrients to stay healthy. There are long-term effects of following a healthy diet as it will help you in maintaining your body and it will become a lot easier for you.


Gabriel Iglesias’s weight loss journey has motivated and inspired a lot of fans out there. Even though the actor believes that it will always take time to reach the goal that you have, you still need to work through all of it without any fail. Make sure you are consistent when it comes to losing weight and controlling your diet.

Written by Ryan Stinson

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