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GM Diet Plan Review

GM diet or the General Motors diet is a trendy diet that helps in losing weight. It is very easy to lose fat in just seven days with the help of this diet. You can eat different food on different days and weeks. The GM diet helps in losing weight and burning fats faster. The GM diet came into the picture after several surveys and tests. The plan is divided into seven days, and each day has a particular diet routine that needs to be followed strictly for the results. There are several advantages and disadvantages to the GM diet.

Here is the seven days plan review for the GM diet:

Day 1: You can have any fruit that you want to have on the first day except for bananas as you are not supposed to eat a banana.
Day 2: You can have any kind of veggies on this day, which is cooked or raw.
Day 3: You can have both fruits and veggies on this day except for bananas and potatoes.
Day 4: Throughout the day, you can only eat six to eight bananas with three glasses of low-fat milk.
Day 5: You can have brown rice, a lean source of protein which is from chicken, fish, and many more and six tomatoes. The vegetarians can have cottage cheese instead of meat.
Day 6: You can have unlimited vegetables on this day with 10 ounces of protein, which is allowed. Make sure that you drink extra water for flushing out the extra uric acid out of the body.
Day 7: You can have fruits, vegetables, and brown rice. There are no other quantities given for this day.

Some other important guidelines that you should follow while you are on this diet:

● Make sure you do not consume any extra sweeteners. You can have green tea and black coffee.
● If you follow a vegan lifestyle, then you can consume soy milk and regular milk.
● Make sure to not consume any high-calorie food and alcohol.
● Do not consume beans in veggies as it has high calories.

The advantages of the GM diet:

1 Less sugar intake:

The GM diet avoids the consumption of added sugar in any form, which is really good for health and body. Drinking or consuming more sugar than needed is not healthy for the body, but the GM diet routines make sure to avoid the intake of added sugar in any food products or drinks.

2 The consumption of more fruits and vegetables:

Fruits have vegetables that have a lot of proteins and fibers, which is good for the body. Fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of food that are allowed to be consumed during this diet. These food products are very low in calories, which helps in weight loss and has high fiber substance, which keeps the person full and doesn’t make them hungry.

3 Help in digestion:

The GM diet helps in digestion and makes it easier for people to feel happier and better. It also helps with constipation and makes the person feel much better.

4 It is suitable for the skin:

The diet has a very high intake of healthy nutrients, which helps in improving the overall skin and appearance of the body. It makes a person have much smoother and brighter skin.

The disadvantages of the GM diet:

1 It has short term weight loss:

The GM diet has the benefits of short-term weight loss as it only a seven days plan, which makes it easier for the person to gain weight again once they stop following it. It is essential to have a long term change for weight loss because short term diets don’t affect much in such cases.

2 The absence of healthy nutrients:

The GM diet has many food products, but it still lacks products that are high in vitamins and minerals. The body must have all the nutrients in a balanced amount, but some nutrients are absent in the GM diet plan.

The GM diet sounds very nice because of the weight loss technique in 1 week, but it is vital to make sure that you maintain the schedule to keep your body fit. There are many healthy food products allowed to be consumed in this diet, but there is also a lack of some others. It is essential first to understand your body type and the kind of diet that is suitable for your body and then start with it. Make sure whichever diet you follow, you take care of your health first.


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Written by Divya Gandotra

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