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GM diet (general motors diet plan vegetarian)

You must be wondering what this new kind of diet is because most of you would have never heard of this before. In this GM diet reviews, we are going to discuss the same. Well, This diet has existed in the world of fitness since 1985.  Too many people are not aware of this diet plan because this diet plan was designed by a company General motors for their employees. They designed the diet back in 1985 with the motive their employees fit and healthy so that.. they can be more productive and healthy. The company worked on the diet plan in collaboration with the US FDA and Department of Agriculture. Later they also got it checked and tested by the  Hopkins Research Centre. Today, we have the knowledge that the diet plan was created by General Motors but there are no proofs that the diet was adopted by the company and created by someone else or if it was the company itself that created the diet plan. 

How does the GM diet works?

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do. For a matter of fact, it is not what you do, it is how you do it. If you have the will to lose all the extra pounds hugging your skeleton then there is no way anything can stop you from doing the same. All you would have to do is to keep yourself motivated enough to be able to work on your desired goal. It takes the right diet plan and a part of the exercise to reach the goal you have set. The diet plan that helps humans to get back into shape can be a bit over your budget and that is why people around the world are using this new diet plan that helps you lose weight just in 7 days with the right kind of food items.



   Day 1 In the first day of this diet, only fruit intake is allowed. You can have a good amount of any fruit other than banana. Banana is rich in carbohydrate and thus it should only be eaten in a limited amount throughout a day. Also, keep a check that you drink 10 to 12 glasses of water at least throughout the day.

   Day 2 – This day is entirely for vegetables including potato. You can have baked potatoes that will help you in gaining energy to work. You can take vegetables stirred in olive oil for lunch and can also have vegetable soup. soup will give you strength and will keep you filled too.

   Day 3 – The third day is a combination of fruits and vegetables. The only exclusions are banana and potato during this day. You can have any other fruit or vegetable other than these two. You can also have fresh fruit juices other than water to keep the day going.

   Day 4 – Fourth day is for the combo of banana and milk. You can consume this combination for the entire day. Other than that you can also take vegetable soup in lunch and dinner both.  

   Day 5 – On day five, the original diet plan suggests having meat but we have replaced it with a healthy bowl of white rice or brown rice with tomatoes. Meat has a lot of fat and that is why keep in mind to add some butter, oil, or ghee in your meal.

   Day 6 – You can have a bowl of vegetables with a bowl of white or brown rice along with tomatoes.

   Day 7 – This is the last day and you can have white or brown rice with added fat along with tomatoes. You can also have fruits and vegetable servings.


According to our observation for GM diet reviews, after talking to multiple trainers and fitness geeks and the people who have tried on this diet plan we have found that the diet really works if the same is followed without a flaw. Users of the diet plans have reported losing 3 to 7 kgs on average in a period of 7 days by the help of maintained meals that are assigned by the diet. This diet works best when you take it only for 7 days. Do not repeat it instantly. Take a break of 2 to 3 days before you start the diet again.

The diet is for a short period of time and thus it will fall completely in your budget. You won’t have to spend a lot on the kind of food that fits in a diet plan. Also, the diet uses very basic food items that you can easily find in your kitchen.

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