Five Health Benefits of Lifting Weights That May Surprise You

For those who have never tried lifting weights, it can be intimidating to approach the weight-lifting section of the gym. It doesn’t help that everyone who is there seems super fit and knows exactly what they are doing.

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Despite how unfamiliar this may feel, this is the start of your next evolution.

There are many health benefits of lifting weights that make this a popular exercise. Here are five benefits of resistance training that keep you healthy and happy.

1. Improves Joints and Bone Strength

A common misconception is that lifting weights wears out the body, bones, and joints. This is not the case, however.

Lifting weights helps with joint pain management by strengthening the muscles around the joints and keeping them from moving around too much.

Resistance training also helps to counteract bone density loss, which begins to occur at the age of 30 and accelerates for those who are sedentary.

2. Helps You Lose Weight

Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Most people who try to lose weight believe that engaging in hours and hours of aerobic exercises, like running, will help them slim down and lose weight.

While these types of exercises do help you burn calories, there’s a more effective way to lose weight: lifting weights.

One of the health benefits of bodybuilding is that your body burns more calories by lifting weights and engaging in anaerobic exercises. Your body works harder to complete these types of exercises, thereby expending more energy and burning more calories.

If you’ve found losing weight difficult in the past, give weight training a try!

3. Increases Balance and Flexibility

As you move through life, your body becomes stiffer. It becomes harder to do things like lift boxes and reach for things on the top shelf.

Exercising is key to keeping your body’s mobility. Lifting weights helps you keep your full range of motion and keeps you grounded and balanced. Without a strong and solid core, you have no balance or flexibility–both of which help you participate in life’s daily activities.

4. Boosts Your Confidence

Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work in the gym pay off when you look in the mirror. Even if you have different health goals and motivations for exercising, your body will change to reflect how you’ve been training it.

One of the indirect health benefits of exercise and bodybuilding is that you can intentionally shape how you wish your body would look. This is a great confidence booster, even if you’re not looking for that extra boost.

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5. Trains You For Life

Exercising can become mundane and ineffective if you don’t try to challenge yourself. When it comes to lifting weights, you can always push yourself by going up in weight.

Getting that last rep in is not so much about proving that you can work with a specific weight as it is about your attitude towards the exercise. Will you let yourself go for that last rep or will you push yourself to finish what you started?

This is good training for life outside the gym and also indicative of how you will approach situations in life that call for integrity. 

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

You get better at what you do consistently. Even if lifting weights seem super new to you at the moment, it will become more natural one year down the line.

Try it out! Enjoy these health benefits of lifting weights and see how different your body and your life change.

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