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Here are 6 food items with good fat and the difference between good and bad fat

good Fatty Foods

Fat has an extremely bad reputation. Ever since people started consuming more sugar, ready to eat food and carbs, fat has been termed as a liability to the body. Times have changed and now and we understand there are many good fatty food items that do not harm or add to the fat reserves of the body.

We all tend to run away from carbs and fatty food but we should stop right away.

Here is a list of good fatty food items you need to know and include in your diet to have the right balance in your meal.  

1. Avocados:

healthy fat food

Avocado is filled with fat primarily unlike most of the fruits. Avocado is 77% fat which makes it even more content with fat than any animal food product. Avocados also are extremely rich in potassium. The fruit contains 40% more potassium than the content found in bananas.

2. Cheese:

good Fatty Foods

The misconception says eating cheese will only add to the fat storage in the body. Cheese is a good fatty food item that is filled with nutrition. Along with good fat, Cheese contains Vitamin B12, selenium, calcium, and phosphorus.

3. Dark Chocolate:

healthy fat Food

Dark chocolate is deemed as an unhealthy snack. In reality, dark chocolate is an excellent good fatty food item. The chocolates even help in losing fat. It is one of the rarest healthy products that actually taste incredible.

4. Whole Eggs:

healthy fat Food

Egg yolk is the storage of high fat and cholesterol compositions. But a new study reveals that this cholesterol is different from body cholesterol and does not get mixed in the blood. Which means a whole egg is the most nutritious food on the planet.

5. Nuts:

healthy fat Foods

Nuts as we all now are extremely healthy. Eat them as your evening snack. Nuts are filled with healthy fat and fiber. Eating nuts make you healthier and keep you at low risk of catching diseases.

6. Chia seeds:

good Fatty Foods

While chia seeds are tiny little seeds, these are not considered as fatty food items. But 28 grams of chia seeds can have 9 grams of fat. Chia seed is 80% of fat making it an absolute good fatty food item.

What is the difference between the good fatty food item and bad fatty food item? healthy fat Food

Fat is a vital part of a healthy diet plan. Rather than switching to a low-fat diet, one should inculcate more and more good fatty food products in their diet plan.

Good fats are called good fats because they benefit your body more than harming it. Good fats should always be a part of a balanced diet.

Here are a few benefits of eating good fatty food.

  • It cuts down the risk of getting a stroke of heart diseases.
  • Increases good HDL levels in the body and lowers bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Prevents heart from taking abnormal beating rhythms.
  • Reduces blood pressure and acts against inflammation in the body.
  • Prevents narrowing of hardening of the arteries in the body.

Having good fatty food items in the meal leaves you more satisfied and filled after a meal.

Bad fat on the other hand, as the name suggests, is not ideal for the body. One should try and cut down bad fat as much as they can.

What are the health effects of bad fat?

good Fatty Foods

  • Increase in blood cholesterol levels.
  • Increased risk of heart diseases and strokes.
  • Obese body.
  • Getting at risk of catching several diseases.
  • Makes kidney weak.

One should always try to cut the bad fat out of their diet.

Sources of bad food items.

  • Packaged food items like easy to cook food packages, instant noodles, frozen food items, etc.
  • Commercially baked food products like pastries, cookies, pizza, muffins, doughnuts, etc.
  • Fried food items, both cooked at home or commercially like fries, chips, chicken nuggets, chicken, fried fish, etc.
  • The primary sources of the bad fat are butter, chicken skin, red meat, ice cream, lard, whole-fat dairy products, tropical oils, etc.

While food items may vary from one another, to keep your health in check, it is your responsibility to check if it is a good fatty food item or not.

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