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How The Ashley Graham Weight Loss Story Inspired Millions

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Are you overweight or obese? Do you feel depressed all the time because people body-shame you? Do not care what people say, head towards the right way.

Weight gain has now become a severe problem. Though the brain keeps working, the body does not. The calorie intake is not being balanced through calorie output. Whatever you are eating is getting stored in your body. The body stores the extra food in the adipose or fatty tissues for later use by the body. This way, the fat keeps on accumulating inside the body leading to obesity.

Here you are going to see how Ashley Graham, the model, speaker, and motivator, went through the most challenging phase of losing weight.

How Ashley gained weight?

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley was a foodie from childhood and could not imagine life without the food which she loved. Consuming fatty foods was one of the issues for her weight gain. But despite that, she was much comfortable in her own body. As a model, she promoted plus size dresses and carried the plus size costumes herself. She loved her body and encouraged the curvy ladies to be comfortable as they are.

Criticism Ashley had to bear

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

As told earlier, Ashley loved her body. She wants to work out to keep fit and healthy, but that too gets criticized. The trolls kept commenting regarding her body, and sometimes it becomes even abusive, but Ashley would not give up. She keeps posting her workout videos on social media.

Ashley follows a healthy diet and a toning workout regime. Further discussion will be involving her diet and workout routineSo, the Ashley Graham weight loss journey is as follows:

Ashley’s diet plan

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley always confessed that she ate whatever she liked to. She used to have a smoothie made of ginger, kale, lemon, apple, beetroot, and parsley in the breakfast. This was followed by having lunch with Quinoa brown rice bowl with a lot of vegetables topped with a special sauce called Tahini. In snacks, she used to take chocolate tree chia crackers. On the cheat day, she consumed Mac and cheese.

Ashley’s workout 

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham was interested in toning her body and not slimming down much. She flaunts her curves in photos confidently and with pride. She is an inspiration to other curvy girls who get depressed by negative comments. Her exercises include Lunges, Jumping squats, Ball smash, Burpees, Jack-knife, and Scissor legs. Along with these, there are more exercises that she does like strength training exercises. The strengthening exercises include sledgehammer swings, planks, pushups, barbell squats, double band sumo deadlifts, and resistance band hip thrust. 

Graham also performs exercises like kickboxing. This is her favorite workout, which keeps her flexible. Kickboxing burns the extra fat and keeps her bones and muscles healthy. She enjoys working out and does it with fun. She is a fitness freak and always exposes herself to a variety of different exercises.

Ashley’s message to all obese women

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley was happy with her body and the life she led. The criticisms she received had made her stronger than ever. Ashley is on a diet and is exercising regularly but not for thinning down. She never craves for the size zero and the attractive figure. She considers herself beautiful in what she is and how she is. She has no grudges on being fat and flabby

People keep asking her regarding her being a model in a plus-sized body, whether she could manage to find projects and is she paid for her assignments. The general notion about fat girls is they are unfortunate and depressed and lead their lives miserably. Ashley has proved this idea to be a wrong one and encouraged the others to be happy with how they are.

The bottom line

Ashley Graham Weight Loss

It would help if you took Ashley Graham as an inspiration and motivation in your life. Losing her extra calories was her plan, and she worked towards it. She wanted to thin down a little for herself, not because others want her to be slim. Her idea is respectable. Like Ashley, all curvy women must cater to their own needs and decide firmly on what they want, rather than listening to what people say!

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