How to choose your jewelry on jewelry online?

You have decided to make an unforgettable gift to mark an anniversary, honor your wife or for Valentine’s Day? It can be difficult to select a jewel for another person, but you will find the jewel that will please your loved one on a jewelry store online with our advice. To make it original and unique, to personalize it, you also have the possibility to have it engraved with soft words or an important date.

Choose carefully your jewelry online

To offer a jewel of quality to a person you love, you can shop at an online jewelry store to surprise him, for example. If you want to offer a personalized jewel , make sure that the sign offers engraving or personalization of its pieces. The engraving brings a nice finish and makes the jewel unique and all the more precious for a person. By putting a name or date on the inside or on the face, the medal, the ring or the bracelet will become a proof of love and eternal tenderness. In order to opt for a serious and conscientious shop, check that you have the possibility to call customer service if you had a problem with the article. Jewelry experts will help you solve your problem or tell you what to do to respond to your request.

What jewel for what person?



By choosing a jewel as a gift, you send a message of love or tenderness very strong. But still it is necessary to choose it so that the person takes pleasure to wear it.

Choose according to the morphology

All the jewels do not agree with all the morphologies. In order to choose the jewel that will be best for the person who will wear it, check some criteria.

  • Elongated face: avoid selecting long or pendant jewels. This type of piece will accentuate its shape and will not enhance the person.
  • Rectangular face: they will be sublimated by wearing rounded earrings like creoles.
  • Rounded face: for more contrast, choose jewelry with a V shape.
  • Square-shaped face: soften it by choosing a round jewel.

If the person is rather rounding, it is recommended to avoid accentuating the imposing side by choosing too big jewels. People thin and petite cannot afford the large jewelry. Side rings, long fingers are perfect for all forms of rings, but if the fingers are rather short, opt for a thin ring.

What budget do you want to spend on this jewel?

It is a parameter that will help you define the type of jewel that you want to offer your loved one. A jewel created in a quality metal and set with precious stones will of course be more durable and more resistant than a fancy jewel. It is not necessary to have a very high budget to buy a present that will please. There are personalized jewels corresponding to very different budgets. Do not think “euros”, but the pleasure you will get to the person. A jewel is not necessarily better received if it is very expensive. And if you have a limited budget, you have the possibility to benefit from payment facilities offered by some online jewelers.

A jewel to express what feeling?


Here is a really important question to ask! You can imagine that if you offer a ring to a friend of heart, you risk sending a message a little confused. Some jewelry has a strong impact on the person who receives it . It is not a trivial object that is offered lightly, the jewel is a source of emotions and feelings, specific to the person to whom you offer it. It is possible to offer a ring to his girlfriend, to his daughter or to his sister, but if the relationship is not strong, it is rather advisable to avoid making this type of gift. The ring is a very powerful symbol because it expresses a deep and serious commitment. The personalized jewel is a perfect present to celebrate an important moment of a life, like the birthday of the thirties or an engraved medal that will accompany a child after his baptism. And to really please a person, choose a pendant that will recall his passion. One thinks in particular of a soccer ball for the children or a motorcycle for a passionate of two-wheelers.

Personality is important

If your loved one is a rather discreet and calm person, avoid giving him a jewel too fancy and colorful. She will probably prefer a finer and refined jewel that will return an image closer to her personality. And if your mom or sister likes classic outfits, do not pick a piece of jewelry that would totally defeat her habits. For women, choose jewelry that will not get lost in the hair difficult to tame. It is rather recommended to opt for a pair of earrings that can be guessed among the hair! Also take into account the sporting or professional activities of your loved one: in climbing, in the lively activities, it is important not to wear jewelry that could get stuck somewhere, and this is also the case for certain professional activities. We then favor jewelry that cannot hang on or that is easy to remove quickly.

The color of metal and stones

It’s also a delicate choice because some people do not like wearing gold or gold metal jewelry at all. And conversely, do not offer a silver jewel if your loved one does not like this color. To choose a precious or semi-precious stone, find out about the colors that the person likes. And to do it discreetly, try to pay attention to the jewels or outfits that she already wears. Play also on the color of the eyes! A well-chosen jewel can remind and highlight the person’s look. To make the right choice of a personalized jewel on an online store; you have the possibility to ask the help of the experts in jewelry at your disposal. They will know how to propose you pieces corresponding to your budget, but also to the criteria to be respected.

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Written by Divya Gandotra

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