How Yoga Can Help You In Abolishing Stress From Your Day

With the world becoming increasingly competitive, we are bound to experience stress in one form or another. Today, we have to put all our energies into being exceptional at work, strive in personal life, walk with the world, and sometimes deal with tragic circumstances. Consequently, the continued stress compels people to discover various stress busters and coping mechanisms. Among which yoga is a popular counter-stress mechanism for many. Yoga has long been considered an incredibly effective method of dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression. From improving heart health to managing stress, the healing possibilities are endless with yoga.

Therefore, tackle your stressors by learning how practicing yoga helps with abolishing stress.

1. Through breathing techniques

Feelings of extreme mental pressure and anxiety often manifest in the body. Practicing controlled breathing is an integral part of yoga. It teaches you how to control your body by regulating your breath. Breathing exercises and techniques during yoga help release stress from your neck, back, and shoulders. There’s a reason why people always ask you to take deep breathes when you are experiencing stress. Deep breathing slows the sympathetic nervous system, and yoga uses deep and slow belly breathes to lower stress hormones in your body. A few breathing exercises that you can try during yoga are Ujjayi breathing, Bhramari (humming bee breathing), alternate nostril breathing, and more.

2. Through yoga meditation

Yoga has long been deemed as one of the oldest practices for self-development. It is a healthy balance of physical exercises as well as meditation techniques. Therefore, when you’re practicing yoga, specifically yoga meditation, pay extra attention to your surroundings and yoga equipment to get maximum results. If you live anywhere in Queensland, you can get your hands on the best yoga mats Brisbane that are custom designed to your preference. Moreover, when practicing meditation positions as part of your yoga routine in a serene environment, your body automatically starts getting rid of negative emotions and energies. You can also try yogic sleep or the yoga Nidra, a guided meditation that alleviates stress, helps you sleep better, and promotes deep relaxation.

3. Through various yoga poses

If you want to get into your yoga routine and break your stressors, then grab a mat and try the following easy yoga poses:

The Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Many yoga experts single out the Child’s Pose as one of the best yoga poses for relaxing the body and the mind and reducing tension. It offers a calming effect and can soothe the adrenal gland. It helps create an inward force and restores energy for mental relaxation. The key is to breathe in by holding the pose for up to five minutes.

The Savasana (Corpse Pose)

For this pose, you have to lie flat on your back on your yoga mat with your arms and legs extended by your side. The Corpse Pose slows your breathing, putting the body in a state of deep rest. This yoga pose offers complete relaxation by relieving the muscles from stress. It also helps in significantly calming your nervous system and lowering your blood pressure, ultimately reducing anxiety, alleviating stress, and improving sleep.

The Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall position)

The “leg up the wall” yoga pose is an effective pose to ease mild anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia. The pose brings relief to the nervous system, including the spine, legs, and feet which relaxes the mind and reduces stress. The pose is so rejuvenating that many people even use it to slow down the aging process.

How practicing yoga helps with abolishing stress

4. Through mindfulness

Sometimes, when a person experiences prolonged stress, it has more to do with the mind than the body. Even if you can rejuvenate and refresh your body through different methods, the mind can stay stuck in negative emotions and memories. That is where yoga teaches people to pay attention to their present feelings and moments by embracing mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness meditation and techniques combined with yoga practice can significantly reduce stress levels. Meditation helps you to draw positive energy from your mind and eliminate unnecessary thoughts.

Whereas yoga encourages a non-judgmental observation of the body and mind, making way for releasing positive energy and enhancing mindfulness. With a balanced combination of meditation and physical poses, your mind can learn to apply mindfulness meditation in your day-to-day stressful situations.

5. Through releasing emotional energy

Emotional pressure is often a result of the build-up of negative emotions such as guilt, anger, and fear. These emotions can cause stress if we fail to express them in a refined way. However, most of us choose to let these emotions out incorrectly by acting out or getting angry at others for minor mishaps. Yoga has a long history of teaching people how to control their feelings and find a safe way to release all that negative energy. Yoga practice can help release emotional energy through poses, particularly those which release the shoulders and hips. The controlled breathing and various postures release tension from different parts of the body, allowing you to dispense all those stress-causing negative emotions in the process.

How to attain the most out of your yoga routine:

Following are some ways to manage your stressors through yoga and breathing techniques:

  • Join a yoga club or start doing it on your own by following videos or using applications.
  • Make your customized yoga routine that focuses explicitly on reducing stress, and do at least five to fifteen minutes of meditation every day.
  • Learn various breathing techniques, like instant yogic breathing, for instantly using them in a stressful situation.
  • Start each day with a positive attitude, acceptance, kindness, and self-awareness.
  • Make your day stress-free by focusing on the present moment, feeling grateful for what you have, exercising, and nourishing your body through a healthy diet.



Yoga is a balanced combination of meditation, physical poses, and controlled breathing. Its history is rich with inducing calmness by relieving off all the mental and physical stresses. Practicing yoga every day for at least 15 minutes is an effective method of abolishing stressors from your day. You can try various poses, breathing techniques, and meditation to eliminate toxic feelings and potential stressors.

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