Hypothyroidism diet

Hypothyroidism diet

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body doesn’t create enough thyroid cells. There are plenty of food products that a person with this condition can consume. A hypothyroidism diet doesn’t restrict or close options for people, but it just has to be managed and balanced well with the overall diet schedule. The thyroid means that there is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck which controls all the metabolic activities. The formation of these hormones also controls the heart rate and calories burning in the body.

Here are some symptoms of a Hypothyroidism diet:

Hypothyroidism can be detected through various symptoms and if you feel like you have any of these, then go see your doctor so that you can start following the diet and schedule on time.
● Hair loss
● Weight gain
● Heart rate decrease
● Memory loss
● Intolerance to cold
● Muscular pain
● Slow movements
● Fatigue
● Brittle nails
● Heavy or irregular menstruation
● Lack of sweat
● Dry skin
● Joint pain
● Puffy eyes
● Goiter

There are various reasons that you might face Hypothyroid, which are as follows:


● Medicines like lithium carbonate
● Viral infection
● Fungus infection
● Genetic reasons
● Low levels of iodine in the body

Here is a Hypothyroidism diet plan that you can follow:

To maintain a regular level of thyroid level in the body, you can start incorporating fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, and other food products which have high thyroid boosting power. All these food products help in making you feel energized and active at all times.

Food products that you can include in your diet:

1 Selenium food: It is one of those food products which helps in creating thyroid hormones in the body.

Here is a list of food products that are rich in selenium:

Hypothyroidism diet

● Crimini mushrooms
● Salmon
● Turkey
● Shrimp
● Sunflower seeds
● Tuna
● Brazil nuts
● Garlic
● Eggs

Iodine: A person who is following a Hypothyroidism diet needs to make sure that the food products consist of sufficient amounts of iodine for the body to consume. Iodine plays a very important role when it comes to controlling and maintaining the thyroid hormones in the body.

Here are some products which are rich in iodine:

● Whole eggs
● Salmon
● Seaweed
● Yogurt
● Ice cream
● Iodized table salt
● Cow’s milk

Zinc: Zinc is another kind of nutrient that is important for people who are following the Hypothyroidism diet. There are studies that prove that consuming a sufficient amount of zinc can help in increasing or maintaining thyroid hormones.

Here are some food products zinc:

● Beef
● Crab
● Lamb
● Chicken
● Pork
● Legumes
● Pumpkin seeds
● Fortified cereal
● Oysters
● Turkey

Vitamin B6: Here are some food products that have Vitamin B6 and is also good for people following a Hypothyroidism diet:

Hypothyroidism diet

● Bananas
● Fresh pork
● Sweet potatoes
● Tuna
● Turkey
● Brown rice
● Mangoes
● Potatoes
● Salmon
● Chickpeas
It is advised for people who have a Hypothyroidism diet should avoid gluten products and processed food products at all times so that it doesn’t affect the overall balance of the thyroid hormones in the body for the person who has thyroid. If you follow the diet and balance everything, then you can also cure your hypothyroid.

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