Irregular menstrual cycle? Here are 10 reasons behind late periods

Irregular menstrual cycle
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You had everything planned out according to your monthly visitor, your Aunt Flo, your little red friend, or whatever you named her, but she is late, hasn’t arrived yet.

Besides the most obvious reason for a late period which freaks most women out, what could be those other misleading reasons causing your period to be late?

There is a bucketful of reasons why your period might have been delayed that do not count pregnancy in.  Here are ten of the most common grounds for a late period.


Irregular menstrual cycle
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You must be aware that the typical menstrual cycle is 28 days long.  If you do have a regular cycle, your period should come every 28 days just like clockwork.

However, there is no guarantee that you might have a monthly cycle. This means your time will not always arrive when expected.


Irregular menstrual cycle
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It’s true that stress can delay your period. Stress is in fact stated as one of the most common causes when it comes to a missed period.

Usually, when stress is the reason for your delayed period, it might be because you were under a lot of stress around the time when you would have ovulated.


Irregular menstrual cycle
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Just like stress, illness can also lead to your period becoming late. If you fall ill around the time when you would have ovulated, this might keep you from ovulating. This can also lead to a temporary delay in ovulation.

If the ovulation is late, of course, your period will be late as well. When you are late on your period, think whether you were feeling sick a couple of weeks earlier.

If you were ill during the time, this could very well be an explainable reason why your period hasn’t shown up.

Eating Disorders

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If you have an eating disorder or are underweight, this can be a cause for your irregular cycle. Eating disorders can disrupt your menstrual cycles and can even cause them to stop altogether.

It was once thought that the only eating disorder causing a delay in the period was anorexia nervosa.

But according to newer studies, any form of an eating disorder can lead to problems with menstruation cycle and irregularities.

Being Overweight

Irregular menstrual cycle
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It’s true that being overweight can also disrupt your menstrual cycles. Your ovaries produce a hormone called oestrogen, but body fat is also a substantial source of oestrogen.

When a woman has a really less amount of body fat, she doesn’t produce enough oestrogen, but when she is overweight, it might be possible that she may produce way too much oestrogen.

Oestrogen and progesterone work in harmony together to maintain a pretty healthy menstrual cycle.


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PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is a disorder that is caused due to an excessive amount of male hormones.

All women produce some amount of male hormones (also known as androgens), but women with PCOS might provide higher levels of androgens.

Thyroid Disorder

Irregular menstrual cycle
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It is very common for women who have thyroid disorders to have issues when it comes to ovulation and irregular menstrual cycles.

Doctors still aren’t very clear as to why the thyroid causes issues when it comes to the menstrual cycle.

Sometimes, women who have thyroid disorders don’t ovulate, or even if they do have, there is weaker ovulation and a much shorter luteal phase.

Anything that interferes with the regular ovulation process might cause your period to be a late friend or to become very irregular.

Premature Menopause

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Every woman is blessed with almost 1 to 3 million eggs. Every time she undergoes ovulation, she releases one of those few eggs. She also starts losing some of those eggs as she ages.

Some of them might even die.  Some of them get old and hence are no longer quality eggs. When she ceases to have any sort of quality eggs, she stops the ovulating process, which in turn causes having a period.

For a majority of women, this happens somewhere around the ripe age of 45. Sometimes, this can happen a bit earlier than expected.

When and if a woman stops having her periods even before she turns 45, it is also called as early menopause; if she ceases having a period even before she is 40 years of age, it is then called premature menopause.

Change in Schedule

Irregular menstrual cycle
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Anything that puts stress on your body can cause ovulation to be delayed. If you start a new job, travel, or change your wake-up time, it may take your body a little while to adjust to the modification.

When the change in routine took place around when you would have ovulated, it may stop ovulation or push your ovulation date back.

When this happens, your period will be delayed, or you might even skip a cycle.

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