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Is Fitness Imperative for Healthy Living?

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An answer to the above question could be straight and prompt YES! But let’s not jump to a conclusion. 

Let’s weigh it from another perspective, which is: Can you live a healthy life without exercise and fitness in an urban setting, a city, or a metropolis? 

You can answer in, YES. 

You can say, you could live a healthy life, by eating healthily. By sleeping timely. By sleeping well and sound. By avoiding eating junk food. So on, and so forth…. 

But again, a question here is: Is that all possible and available in urban areas, in cities?

Let’s start evaluating it a question by question, a point by point here:

  • One: Do you have access to quality foods in cities? 
  • Two: Are organic and fresh foods easily available? 
  • Three: Can you resist and fight back a delicious temptation of fast food? 
  • Four: Do you find enough time in cities to spend long hours in your kitchen to prepare quality food for yourself and your family?
  • Five: Do you find sufficient time to sleep well and sound?
  • Six: Is sleeping sound possible in the hustle-bustle and noise-riddled city environment? 
  • Seven: Do you find a peaceful setting in cities to relax and stay healthy and fit without exercise and fitness?

An answer to any and all of these questions is a big NO!

If you are still not sure if exercise and fitness are imperative to your healthy living? Let’s ask you another question

  • What if (let’s stick to IF only) you have a health condition such as diabetes, which is more common to an urban lifestyle. You are at risk of heart disease or complications because of your family history or otherwise. Do you have mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression? 
  • Would it be possible for you then to live a healthy life without fitness? Or at least would it be possible for you, if you can’t heal completely, to manage your sickness or illness better without a fitness activity, better enough to supplement your effort for living an active life?

Still, our answer would be NO.  Here is it HOW and WHY:

  • We are sure a large number of those who have tried and are on a course of fitness would agree to our answer: that fitness is fitness imperative to healthy living. They, in fact, would speak highly of fitness potential for improving the quality of your health and life. 
  • It is more imperative to sick and tired. It is important for those who do not find cities environment conducive to their health and fitness. They are sick and tired of it. They have already tried many methods to become and stay fit. 
  • They have turned to centuries-old philosophies and practices such as Yoga to attain and sustain fitness. They are trying new and innovative approaches to exercise to gain and maintain fitness. They are outside running, cycling, hiking, availing getaways and doing anything and everything else to reach any level of fitness.
Source: fivequidexpert
  • A reason to make urban settings a part of our argument here is that people in cities are more prone to unhealthy and challenging living conditions. They can’t access at all or do not have regular access to a clean, fresh, natural, and organic healthy environment.  
  • Urban communities have limited time and space. They should make use of that time and space to stay fit. Many succeed, some fail. What important are they are trying? They are trying it hard. They are trying it regularly.
  • Morning, evening and in between lunch breaks, they try to get any amount of time to exercise. To run in a nearby park. To work on their fitness equipment at home. They run on their treadmills stationed beside their desks in their offices. 
  • They are trying it everywhere. Some are hitting gyms regularly. Some are doing in parks. Others are working at home. In their lawns. In their gardens. In their backyards. They understand the importance of fitness to healthy living. 
  • Whenever alone, they exercise. They exercise in groups. Out in a volunteer group in a park. A Yoga club. A hiking group. A countryside walk team. In a military-style fitness boot camp. A fitness farm. 
  • An exercise or any physical activity gives you a chance to live healthily. You die healthy too. Chances are you die while trying living fit and healthy. You do not die while dying. 
  • Physical activity not just improves the quality of your living, it extends your life too. The wearing and tearing of urban conditions make you lose your energy, strength even motivation for living, let alone living fit and healthy.
  • It changes your habits too. You are able to get rid of the addiction to smoking. You are able to stop many other addictions. An addiction to excessive drinking. An addiction to senseless and unstoppable thinking. Physical activity makes you more practical. 
  • While you are able to get rid of many addictions such as smoking, it reduces the risk of serious diseases such as cancer. This and many other diseases are attributed to compulsive smoking. 
  • You are able to improve the health of your heart. It protects you from many cardio complications. They are very common to urban living and environment, where you find less conducive conditions for exercise and fitness.
  • A fitness activity such as running or jogging is the best solution for people, who have diabetes. They can effectively manage a required level of sugar in their bodies. 
  • Even when you do not have diabetes, a physical activity treats its core and main cause – obesity. You are able to reduce and control your body weight. 
  • Obesity is an explosive issue in cities. Authorities are concerned over the fast-growing number of obese people. They are doing all they can to get people out of lethargy and motivate them into fitness.
  • Fitness activity improves your psychological health. It is the pillar on which your body stands and builds. You can’t ignore the importance of your psychological wellbeing in your physical health. 
Source: healthandfitnessmyths
  • If you do not follow a fitness program, it kills your energy quickly. It keeps killing you within. Nothing is left of you but an unhealthy, tired and sick body. You find no justification, even to a level of an excuse, for living.
  • By implementing a fitness regimen, you can regain your energy. You can sustain it at a higher level. In fact, you can avoid losing it, if you are fitness conscious and do something about your fitness from an early age.
  • A regular fitness activity protects you from stress, which is a major health challenge in cities. It affects you emotionally. It destroys you physically. 
  • A regular exercise and fitness of any type, and at any level, also relieves your body stress. It prevents you from more stress. It targets and solves the causes of your stress.
  • When you exercise, a new lease of interest and urge takes birth in you to live fit and healthy. You like living fit. You enjoy your life. Yourself feels good to you. 
  • You take an added interest in your life. You meet the requirements of your body. Your body stays fit and fresh. Your health improves, and so do your mood and motivation.
  • If you want to protect you from illness and disease, want to live longer, want to prolong your life, want to inspire your children and people around you a healthy and fit lifestyle, it must you exercise, stay fit, and live healthily. YES, fitness is imperative to healthy living.

Author Bio:

Sophie is a fitness instructor at a local fitness club. She has been working in the fitness industry for over the past two decades. Sophie currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing, and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear, and accessories.

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