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Itchy butts? Cure them with these simple home remedies

Itchy butts

Itchy Butts might seem like a tiny problem when it comes to overall health, but it’s highly annoying.

The male population is found to have itchy butts more often, and the reason for itchy butts is still not in light. The doctors call it Pruritus ani.

Some of the causes of Itching butts are extra moisture, pressure due to long sitting hours, and scrapes produced by clothing and movement.

Since it is a common disorder that a bigger fraction of the population is facing, various home remedies and treatments can help you get some relief.

Home remedies for itching bottom include petroleum jelly and wet toilet paper, avoiding scented products, and managing your dietary routine. Intense itching problems primarily centre themselves around the anal area is termed “itching butts”.

Home Remedies for Itching butts

1. Petroleum Jelly

Itching Butt

Petroleum products are by far the best way to pacify itching and are accepted widely by a better portion of gastroenterologists. However, it is not trustable for a permanent cure.

Whenever you have a sense of irritation, rub the petroleum jelly carefully on the itching area, and you’ll get instant relief. This will add moisture to the itching butts, and hence the irritation will be gone in a moment.

2. Wipe Yourself Cleanly

Itching Butt

Not cleaning the butt area frequently can make the skin in this field delicate. It is, therefore, important to clean the anal area regularly to get a tougher skin. After every bowel movement, ensure that there aren’t any traces of stool on the toilet paper.

If you don’t clean that area properly, it might as well lead to reddening and itching in the anus. Also, if any faecal matter is left in this field for a long time, it might result in an infection or a bad odour.

To ensure proper cleaning, you might want to wipe yourself after showering also. This will result in a harsh and durable skin so that it is less prone to inflammation.

3. Stress Control

Itching Butt

Relieving or managing your stress is the easiest way to cure Itching butts. It not only helps you in itching but also makes you mentally fit.

Stress and anxiety affect your overall hormonal balance, which impacts the nerves in various ways.

4. Use Damp tissue

Itching Butt

It is impossible to wipe stool completely after taking a dump only with the help of a dry toilet paper. If you dampen it slightly before cleansing, it will result in a more clean area. More often than not, there is some stool residue that sticks in the area that may not get cleaned quickly.

In such cases, a wet toilet paper is much better and effective in reducing the probability of developing Itchy butts. But do remember to clean the butt area with a dry tissue in the last so as to remove any excess moisture so that it does not result in rashes.

5. Dry your Bottom Well

Itching Butt

Always ensure that you dry your bottom well. A wet butt area can always irritate the anus. Baby powder is an excellent option to keep it dry.

A wet bottom might lead to irritated skin, which will very soon turn into itchy butts.

6. Wear Underclothes

Itching Butt

A layer of fabric between the material of your pants and your buttock area is necessary. Underwear is designed to be non-irritating and soft, so be sure always to wear them to prevent Itching butts.

7. Diet Control

itching butt

If you have itchy butts, you should avoid liquor, beer, soda, and all drinks rich in Vitamin-C. You must skip over spicy meals and those high in vitamin-C. Avoid eating such food for at least two weeks and then start eating these foods gradually.

Also, try to see if there is some particular food that always results in itchy butts. You might be having an allergy to that food.

8. Avoid Scratching

Itching Butt

Itching and scratching do provide some instant relief, but it must be prevented as it harms the skin in various ways. Try taking a cold shower or sitting on a cold seat to help the itching.

9. Keep Moving

Itching Butt

Constant pressure on the anal area can result in a natural moisture build-up or sweat in the anal area. When combined with the stress of sitting for long hours at a time, it can cause the clothes to stick to your skin and hence cause an irritation.

Even if you have a casual lifestyle where you sit for most of the times, try getting up the time to time and take a walk so as to avoid the sticking clothes.

10. Avoid irritants

Itching Butt

Avoid genital deodorants, bubble baths, perfumed soaps, witch hazel products and moist wipes, and other items that might instigate irritation in the anal area.

Cut back on or try avoiding coffee, tea, cola, hard drinks, alcohol, citrus fruits, chocolates, spicy foods and foods that may cause diarrhoea.

Written by Dushyant Gandotra

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