Joe Thomas weight loss

Joe Thomas weight loss

Whenever a celebrity is working on losing weight, there are a lot of speculations and rumors about it. Joe Thomas is a very famous footballer who has played a lot of professional matches and is now retired. Joe Thomas’s full name is Joseph Hayden Thomas and he was born in December 1984. Joe placed his entire 11 of his professional football career for the NFL which is great. He has played some amazing matches and his fans remember him for that. Joe’s weight is around 312 lb and recently he has lost 50 pounds which have made him famous and in the news on social media all the time. Joe Thomas’s weight loss journey has been an inspiring and most interesting topic for the fans as well as they love to see their favorite footballer to lose weight and transform. The most amazing part is that Joe lost 50 pounds in six months just after his retirement.

Joe openly disclosed the news of his retirement to the public a year ago and since then he has been concentrating on himself and his health. Joe Thomas’s weight loss journey started just after he retired and ever since then he has been trying diets and exercises to lose weight. A lot of media people said that Joe has loaded around 70 pounds to which Joe said that it is not at the expense of the muscle or the body. He lost body fat by doing a lot of exercises and now if you look at him you’ll see his trimmed body and amazing muscles. Joe also stayed very active on social media throughout his weight loss journey and he kept posting the everyday routine for his fans on Twitter. Everything that Joe did during his weight loss journey was posted on his social media and he kept his fans updated. Joe said that he wasn’t eating too much breakfast and also stopped eating too many carbohydrates which helped him during his weight loss. He left all the unhealthy food and concentrated on eating only the food with nutrients.

About Joe Thomas weight loss:

Joe Thomas’s weight loss story has a lot to do with his career as his weight created some issues for him. The knee problem that Joe was facing made it difficult for him to run or even stand for the practice games or the professional games. It was a huge problem for Joe as he wasn’t able to do these things because his career requires him to be super active and fit.
The footballer used to go inside his coach’s room and used to work out a lot to make sure that muscles stay strong and good. After he got retired, he made sure to work towards losing weight because it was much needed and he used all the friendly methods and diet plans in order to lose weight. After a lot of hard work, a healthy diet, and various workouts, Thomas was able to lose the weight and work towards the body that he wants.
Joe Thomas knew that his weight gain has been a topic in the media and the fans also talked about it and that became an issue when he retired in 2018 so he made sure to work towards it and not think about what other people are doing. So he worked towards losing his weight for his own fitness and happiness instead of listening to what other people were continuously saying about him. It is a very important thing to keep in mind when you are in such a situation that people will talk about you all the time but what you take in or what you let go of is up to you. He reduced his calorie intake to a minimum in order to lose weight. Usually, calorie intake is the main reason for weight gain and it is important to keep that in control in order to lose weight so Joe made sure to consider this and control his diet. He avoids eating around 7000 calories every day which is a very amazing thing as it controls his diet and also doesn’t affect his weight much. He also started doing swimming exercise as cardio because that’s the best way to burn calories and stay fit. When Joe Thomas starts gaining too much weight then he shifts his energy and attention towards losing that weight and
becoming fit. There is one main point in Joe Thomas’s weight loss journey which is that he makes sure to follow a keto diet. The Keto diet is a low carb diet that helps in losing unwanted weight and makes a person fit. In this type of diet, the body’s metabolism is by using fat as fuel instead of depending on carbs. It is a very effective diet for weight loss and it keeps the person on track when it comes to controlling the carb intake.

What is a keto diet?

Joe Thomas weight loss

The keto diet is a type of diet that helps in losing weight and making the body muscles through the fat-burning process. The diet totally depends on low carb diet food which is a great thing because it helps in keeping the person in control of the food that they are consuming. The idea of the keto diet is to lose weight and get more proteins in the diet. The other important thing about this diet is to make sure that the carb intake is very less and the sugar is also not there in the diet. With the help of this diet, Joe Thomas lost a lot of weight and now he only consumes digestive food which is good for his body. He also makes sure to eat only between noon and around evening which is 6 pm. The Keto diet has helped the footballer to lose around 25 pounds in one month which is very great progress. It is very important to stay consistent when it comes to losing weight and also strictly following your
diet and exercise schedule. Keto diet only allows him to consume 1500 to 2000 calories per day and the diet includes all the food products which keep the footballer full at all times. During dinner time Joe Thomas eats whatever his family eats and he makes sure to eat vegetables and consume a lot of fibers because the carbs are reduced from the diet.

The benefits of the Keto diet:

It reduces your appetite:

Keto diet decreases a person’s appetite because there is very less carbs in the meals which helps the person to stay full. When people eat more proteins and fats then they seem to feel fuller.

Low carb diet leads to effective weight loss:

A low carb diet helps in losing weight faster because of fewer calories in the meals. It controls the unnecessary weight that a person can put on and also helps in getting rid of the body fat faster as compared to the other diets.

There are reduced blood sugar and insulin levels:

The ketogenic diet is low on carb which helps in controlling the sugar levels in the body. This diet is perfect for people who are resistant to insulin and also have diabetes. There are studies that prove that cutting down on carbs helps in controlling the blood sugar and insulin levels of the body effectively. If you are a sugar patient or take any medicines related to sugar then it is advised to talk to your doctor because starting any diet.

it can help in lowering the risk of blood pressure:

The Keto diet is also effective as it helps in decreasing the risk of getting any heart disease or strokes. The diet is low on carb which is good for the body in many ways and it also helps in lowering the blood pressure which helps you in living longer as it decreases the chances of suffering from any other diseases.

May protect brain function:

Joe Thomas weight loss

The keto diet also provides a lot of neuroprotective benefits which is great for the brain as it protects the brain and nerve cells. A keto diet can be very helpful for a person who has Alzheimer’s.

Joe Thomas’s weight loss journey has changed the whole outlook towards the Keto diet. A lot of people are scared to start any diet but it is also advised to consider talking to a doctor or a nutritionist before starting any diet. Joe always follows the keto diet because it suits his body and also helps him in losing weight faster. Not just the diet but Joe also makes sure that he exercises on a daily basis and does cardio to lose the extra fat from his body. Joe also has a swimming routine which is a great form of cardio and it helps him in losing weight and burning his calories faster. The footballer also makes sure to do yoga which keeps him active in life and also provides his muscles strength. His workout routine and eating habits changed completely when he decided to lose weight. It is very important to understand that throughout the weight loss journey, a person needs to be calm and patient to work towards the goals.

Written by Pooja Pushpan

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