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  John Goodman Weight loss

John Goodman or John Stephen Goodman, does not need any introduction. He started his career as a bouncer but now he is a prominent American actor and is famous for his role as Dan Conner which he played in Roseanne, an ABC TV series.


He had been awarded Golden Globe Award in 1993 for the Best Actor. He is also a voice actor. He has won Disney legend award in 2013 for lending his great voice to many cartoon characters. He has won many awards for his performance in television, movies, drama series, as a voice actor, as a supporting actor, etc. He is famous not only for his acting but he was also known for his bulky body which weighed 400 pounds. He surprised his fans by losing weight. He now weighs 100 pounds.  Everyone is shocked to see him this way and want to know the secret behind this. In an interview with AARP The Magazine, he said he controlled only a small portion which was not required. In an interview with “Today Show” in 2016, he said his weight loss would not last for long. He would regain weight and he would be back to normal as before in the next six months. But surprisingly he is still slim. The secret behind his slim physique is that he took natural supplements during the weight loss process.


He stated that he quit alcohol and did not take sugar in the diet and along with this he worked out for 6 hours in a week. According to AARP,  he said he was shapeless after he left Roseanne. He felt he was betrayed and had resentment. He became voracious for something. He said he was empty from inside and still feel that emptiness but he is now aware of reasons why he felt so and why he feels so. It is good to recognize it but we need not fill it with other things which fill our stomach.  He said he has now recognized the importance of self-worth. He realized that he is just a fraction of what he used to be as a person before. He revealed he lost 100 pounds by controlling his eating habits and the amount of food he does simple home workout on a daily basis.


Mackie Shilstone is a personal trainer of John Goodman. According to him, he gave him a wake-up call. He along with John went to the cemetery in New Orleans. Mackie made him realize that he is standing with one leg in the grave and he needs to change himself. That’s when his journey began and he started losing weight. John followed a year-long plan prepared by Mackie. He followed a  Mediterranean diet, which is based mostly on plants, fruits, and vegetables with a limited intake of red meat. He was suggested to use extra virgin olive oil in food as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contain extra DHA and it enhances neurological functioning. Mackie revealed that after John started this diet plan it became easy for him to memorize scripts. Mackie also revealed that he started boxing to relax from frustrations and let go off his anger on things that bother him. This sport has somewhere transformed his physical state and mental state. Cardio and resistance training was also a part of his routine, his trainer revealed. Besides this, he was also under medical supervision. Healthy eating habits and work out resulted in Goodman’s weight loss. He has lost 100 pounds and still, he is working to reduce some more weight by taking the proper amount of protein in the diet.

Goodman will be seen soon as Dan Connerin in The Conners spin-off. Change is a good thing if it enhances one’s personality. John Goodman weight loss has not only changed his looks but he has opted for a new outfit which is different from the one which he used to wear. Instead of wearing jeans he now preferred to wear cargo shorts as he was spotted wearing the same once. He made his slim look debut on the red carpet in October 2018 at the premiere of Trumbo in the London film festival. Goodman has shared his secret of weight loss many times. He revealed he now focuses more on living a healthy lifestyle. He uses more of his energy every day in leading a healthy life. He has àlso shared his struggle with alcohol earlier when he was working in Roseanne. Everyone is aware of his addiction to alcohol.  He used to drink a lot while he was working in Roseanne. He was so addicted that he used to drink at work even at some point. His co-stars were scared of him due to this. Less or no alcohol consumption is a big reason for reducing lots of weight. Slimmer look, shredded weight, positive energy, healthy mental state, no insomnia. His well-wishers are happy to see the change from bad to a healthy and active lifestyle. So, This was John Goodman weight loss story  

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