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Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Jorge Gracia weight loss journey is commendable, and he did a lot of work to reach the stage of being confident about his body. He is a famous American actor and a comedian who came into the spotlight after the show Becker. Jorge is one of those actors who didn’t lose his popularity because of his weight and body. People loved him after his first few shows and wanted to see more of his shows. His acting abilities and capabilities helped him in gaining success and becoming popular, which also helped him in earning awards. While the actor was working for a show called Lost, he gained a lot of popularity and became the constant demand of the public. He also started writing his own blog, which was called ‘Dispatches from the Island’ which revolved around the series Lost. There are also shows which are hosted by Jorge, and they revolve around some or the other part of the series Lost. 

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss


There were some short roles played by Jorge in the famous shows like How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-O and much more. Apart from his successful life, Jorge Garcia’s weight loss has always been a topic of interest for his fans and public. The way he was gaining weight started making all his loved ones and family members worried about his weight because all they want is for him to stay healthy and fit. 

Jorge has always been a healthy guy, but because of his unhealthy eating habits, he started gaining the extra pounds and then it started becoming more and more. He never used to think about his weight but in his series, Lost he was asked to reduce weight which became a big concern for him after that. 

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Jorge Gracia weight loss also became a concern for the supporters because they were eagerly waiting for his transformation eagerly, but there was no change in his weight because of his unhealthy eating habits. His friends and family started getting more and more worried about him. Doctors suggested to him a routine to follow for his weight loss, but it didn’t work out for him. Jorge Gracia weight loss became a big concern for him when he weighed 400 lbs, and obesity became a threat to his life because of the higher probability of getting heart problems or diabetes. There was news about Jorge undergoing a gastric bypass for his weight loss which hasn’t been confirmed by the actor himself, but if it is true, then it helped the actor in losing some amount of weight. After being so concerned about his weight, Jorge also started following a diet which is known as Nutritional Yeast diet, which uses the deactivated yeast to break down the fats in the body. 

Jorge Gracia weight loss journey had a lot to do with his less intake of alcohol and the nutritional diet. It helped him in losing some amount of weight and not put his life to any risk.

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