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June Shannon weight loss

June Shannon weight loss

June Shannon is a very famous television personality anchor who is known for working in many tv shows and earning fame. She was the controversial action character from the start as she dropped out of school at the age of 14 because she got pregnant. June Shannon’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to many women out there who are dealing with some of the other problems related to weight.

The most challenging part for the actress was also dealing with her weight as she was around 460 pounds. There was a point in her life where her weight gain troubled her a lot, but after a while, she decided that it was time to work on it.

June Shannon’s weight loss journey is truly inspirational because of the methods and ways she followed. There were different therapies that she followed, and because of that, she lost around 300 pounds in the year 2017. After being 460 pounds, not June, Shannon is finally size 4. She worked a lot in order to lose her weight and get to the size that she is today.

June Shannon weight loss:

June Shannon weight loss

June Shannon was borderline to the obese range, and somehow it was imperative for her to lose weight and get back to the fit size. The first option that she chose for her weight loss was surgery, but after surgery, the patients are not allowed to eat several food products that they can eat before surgery.

Her weight loss journey was very controversial as the surgery news didn’t stay private, and the public knew about the surgery. The biggest change that the actress went through was the gastric sleeve surgery, which happened in the year 2016, and during this bypass surgery, the stomach size was reduced to around 75%.

The gastric bypass surgery reduces the appetite of the person, which further helps in weight loss and consumption of controlled portion size. It also helped June in keeping her weight in control and maintaining the calorie intake at the same time. She also worked with her personal trainer, who is known as Kenya Crooks, and the trainer made sure to keep her up with the schedule and make her lose the weight that she aims to lose.

What is the meaning of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


When June Shannon got the surgery done, she took advice from her doctor and then got the surgery done. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an operation where the patient loses weight at once. The surgery helps in removing 80% of the fat from the stomach, which helps in losing weight faster. Gastric sleeve surgery is usually performed in the United States and other countries.

June Shannon lost half of her weight from her stomach and neck area because of this surgery, and she followed some naturally friendly diet plans for her body. There wasn’t just one surgery because she went through various other surgeries related to her arms, tummy, and neck to lose the extra fat from those areas after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Many surgeries helped June lose the extra fat and then her natural diet. It was imperative for her to take care of her diet after these surgeries because there are some food products that you cannot have after the surgery. After these surgeries, June decided to avoid any more surgeries, and she started following healthy methods and routines to make sure that she is able to maintain her weight.

Diet of June Shannon:

There are various methods that June Shannon tried in order to lose weight, and she also made sure to eat only healthy food. It is very important to get in a routine and follow a healthy lifestyle. There are many people who give up during the weight loss journey, but the important part is that no one can lose weight overnight; it is a long process, and you need to keep patience.

June Shannon started walking, running, having a balanced food diet, and also had lots of weight loss supplements in order to maintain her weight and not gain extra pounds. She also started following the keto diet, which is a very effective method of losing weight and also helps a person in maintaining the weight.

June Shannon’s weight loss journey involved a lot of phases, but she made sure to keep her motivation up at all times so that she is able to lose the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While following the keto diet, June Shannon knew that she could only eat vegetables and rice because this diet involves consuming low carb and high proteins, so there are a lot of restrictions that you need to follow in the keto diet.

Diet method is walking for June Shannon weight loss journey:

During one interview, June Shannon said that one of the best ways to lose weight is by walking because it also works as a therapy and helps you in staying happy throughout. Walking helps in burning fats from the legs and feet. June Shannon also claimed that because of her walking routine, she used to get busy and that helped her in avoiding food at times.

She did not consume the extra food, which helped her not gain weight. She also made sure to drink tea and coffee without sugar. The less sugar you have during your weight loss journey, the better it is, so if you can avoid sugar, then it helps in a very effective way. She started having protein shakes and less sugar, which helped her in maintaining her weight.

June Shannon healthy diet:

June Shannon weight loss

June Shannon’s weight loss journey involved having only healthy food. The name of her coach is Natasha, and she helped June Shannon in changing the food routine and eating only healthy food. There were a lot of things that were restricted from her diet but only to help her in losing weight. Natasha also suggested she eat carbs at the start of the day with some fruits and to involve lots and lots of proteins in her diet.

Keto Diet of June Shannon:

She followed the keto diet that was given to her by her coach, and that helped her in losing the extra fat from her body. You have to make sure to eat low carb diet food while following the keto diet. There are a lot of people who do not get the right idea of the keto diet, but it is beneficial for weight loss if you follow it correctly.

Here are some weight loss tips that you can follow in order to lose weight:

  • Exercise daily:

It is essential to remember that exercising is the key to losing weight. You can do many exercises to lose weight, but all you need to do is first understand your body type to choose the exercises that will help you lose weight faster.

Not only weight loss but exercising daily will keep you healthy and fit, which is beneficial in the long term. June Shannon’s weight loss journey involved various exercises that she regularly did in order to lose the extra fat and maintain her weight. It is imperative to exercise every day because that helps in better digestion and also helps in keeping the body active.

  • Eat fresh fruits and veggies:June Shannon weight loss

It is imperative to follow the routine and always eat fresh fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fats, but it has many other healthy nutrients that are good for the body. They contain lots of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that will help you stay fit and healthy.

  • Stop consuming junk food:

While following the keto diet, it is important to take care of the carb intake because that has to be really less. It is all about restricting yourself and doing what is right for your body during the weight loss process.

It is essential to understand that junk food just makes you gain weight. So when you are following a diet or are on a journey to lose weight, you should say goodbye to junk food. June Shannon’s weight loss journey was successful because she made sure not to consume junk food at all. She stopped having anything unhealthy and the products that could make her gain weight.

  • Sleep properly:

June Shannon weight loss

It is imperative to get sufficient sleep because that helps in processing your entire day and also makes you feel relaxed for the next day. When it comes to losing weight, it is imperative to take care of both physical and mental health because both are equally important.

People usually think that it is essential to just exercise and have healthy food to lose weight, but sleep is also very well connected with losing weight. It is important to have sufficient sleep to feel fresh and content the next day. Also, keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water because it helps in keeping up with your body throughout the day.


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