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Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Story

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

Fat loss is always a tough struggle. Whatever the method one picks for their weight loss, it demands avid determination and extremely hard work to meet success. There will always be thousands of obstacles in the path like food cravings, fatigue, laziness, sleep deprivation, muscle pain, etc. Here is the case study of Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss.


Motivation is the one thing that you would have to keep intact in your mind if you wish to keep going on and on. No, you will not be the first person to chose the path of weight loss, there have been thousands and thousands of people who have taken this journey before you and they came out with flying colors. People did not just lose their weight but also fought with different kinds of problems like self-esteem issues, bullying issues, turning positive about their body and appearance, medical issues, etc. 


If you are the one who is willing to take on your weight loss regime and start the journey, but the only thing you lack is motivation then here we are with Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss that is for sure going to inspire you to make the right changes you wish in your body. 

Kelly Clarkson has always been a promoter of body positivity. Yes, she has been overweight for a very long time but she was never afraid or embarrassed about the fact that her body was huge. Then why did Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss happened? Read the article and you will find your answer. 

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

Since 2018, Kelly Clarkson is being talked about not just for her terrific performances or for how amazing she is but there is something more to it. Well, in 2018, the singer lost about 37 pounds of her weight and she is keeping it still. It did not happen overnight for sure; she had to give in her all. Being a mother to four kids, along with conducting her own talk show, it was a massive deal for her but it looks like she is great at multitasking. 

She did not only run her talk show quite fantastically, but she also lost her weight and she looks even more gorgeous and more confident now.


 Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss journey was not really to lose her weight because she wanted to be slimmer or wanted to look better, she was comfortable in her body and loved the way she was. Despite that, she used to promote body positivity and she still does that. But then why did she opt for weight loss? 

She was in an interview with TODAY, where she talked about how and why she was motivated to lose her weight. She said that back in 2006 she was diagnosed with thyroid and autoimmune disease. She was stuck on medication to cure them. It had been years that she was stuck on her medication and it was time for her to take a decision when she jumped on it. 

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

She decided to lose her weight because she wanted to get rid of her medical issues and losing weight was the only solution to it. 

When it came to how Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss, she gave all the credits that apparently changed her life. The name of the book is The Plant Paradox, by Dr. Steven Gundry which became a best-selling book soon after coming out. The book had a diet plan that puts an end to gluten and various other lectins that are a kind of proteins and are found in nuts, fruits, and vegetables. 

The book talks about what are the healthy food items and what are the food items that are not healthy for a healthy body. Although Americans believe gluten is bad for their health, the book suggests the other way. The diet that is mentioned in the book hates lectin as Dr. Steven Gundry says this is the harmful substance that is basically present in most of the food items. 

So what is it that Dr. Steven Gundry says about lectin? 

In the book, Dr. Steven Gundry talks about how lectins are too harmful to the body. Although there has never been a scientific study that would state the same so we are not sure if lectins are really harmful to the body or not. 


Well, Lectin is found in fruits and plants so it makes them impossible from staying out of human’s, animal’s or an insect’s diet is nearly impossible. Regarding the same, Dr. Steven Gundry says that lectin acts upon the GI tract of the body and then the bacterias affect the immune power of the body. 

He has mentioned in his theory in the book that lectins cause inflammation in the body which may result in leaky gut, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, etc The diseases are dangerous as well as stays on for a very long time. This means a person constantly has to be on medications to survive through it. 


So what did Kelly Clarkson did for her diet? 

Well, as we know that lectins are present in every kind of food, they are prominently present in packaged food items. So because she wished to go for a lectin free diet, the first step she took was to leave the packaged food items out of her diet. 

Another thing she mentioned that she started avoiding was corn and corn syrup that has a high amount of lectin present in it. It is mentioned in the book that avoiding corn syrup can save one from chronic inflammation.


She had also cut down on her sugar and butter intake because these two products have a high amount of saturated fat that can trigger weight gain. 

This diet restricted her from eating vegetables, fruits, and pulses as well. These products are considered to be the healthiest ones and if a diet is putting a hold on it this means the diet is definitely a questionable one. 

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss

To explain the same, Kelly Clarkson says that yes the diet recommended in the book worked for her because she was ready to survive in the kind of diet but that does not mean everyone can survive on such a diet. She says that one wishes to take the weight loss regime they should work on the means that suitable to their body. 

She said she was not the kind of person who would go to the gym or for daily workout and that is why she took up the diet which did not need working out much. 

So if you wish to take the same plan all you have to do is get your hands on the book and you will have the diet plan or you can start the gym and start out for healthy meals throughout your day.  



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