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Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Kevin Smith is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, author, and podcaster who has won the hearts of millions of people and achieved great success.The great filmmaker has always thrilled the people with his classic innovative storehouse of imagination, developing it with humor. Moreover, Kevin Smith has toughly worked through the paths as a writer in comics and magazines, a scriptwriter, television, film projects, and more.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

However, the great filmmaker suffered from a Heart attack in 2018. He could recover from the heart attack soon but was told to manage the weight and lose nearly 50 poundsfor betterment. He further chose to follow the diet plan provided by Adam Rifkin, who gave advises to Kevin for his vegan diet chart. 

Kevin Smith mentioned his leading milestone weight loss in his high school, in a recent post on Instagram. “The scale said 198 today! This is the first time since high school that I’ve weighed under 200 pounds,” claimed Kevin Smith in his Instagram post. Kevin Smith tried enormously to lose weight in the early stages of his life and nothing so far worked.

Furthermore, in the year 2015, Kevin Smith indicated to that he lost 40 pounds just by taking his dogs out for a walk and reducing sugar intake.However, it was still a lot on his plate. Thus, the director continued to follow up on his agendas and burned 80 pounds in 10 years preceding up to his cardiac episode. He was told to lose 50 pounds of weight more by the doctors after his heart attack.

At the hour of the respiratory failure, Smith gauged 256 pounds, and in a half year after the coronary failure, Smith shed 51 pounds, arriving at a load of 205 pounds. Previously the director also mentioned that with the help of the all-potato diet, Smith was able to lose 17 pounds more in just nine days, later on. Moreover, initiating the diet to a better-faster-rate, Kevin Smith started following the plant-based plan that was also supported by his daughter.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

The vegan diet thus, helped him to take over the health issues and opt a consistency in health an weight loss. “I ate the way I wanted to for 47 years; I will try the way I’m supposed to for one year and see what happens,” claimed Kevin Smith, suggesting a new perspective of his agendas towards a vegan diet. Well, it looks, it worked.

Kevin Smith hit his objective of shedding 50 pounds in a half year, and he’s keeping it off. While he’s presently at 198 pounds, he covers up to look for more healthy vibes. Every day, he has a session with his fitness coach (Shecky, a scaled-down dachshund) and meals are arranged by a group of gourmet specialists whoever is holding a spatula at his neighborhood Veggie Grill.


This provides the director to outlook his best advantage and develop a healthy perspective with the help of skilled chefs and dieticians. He is great at sticking to the plan, being conscious and looking after the needs. Shecky would even help for an hour-long walk every day while dragging him to the top of Runyon Canyon, near his home in the Hollywood Hills. 

He adheres to his vegan-loved diet and low-sugar diet and practices bit control, examining marks utilizing the WW app. Furthermore, he recently turned into a representative for the program once formerly called “Weight Watchers.” To subdue awful cholesterol and aggravation, he also takes Lipitor for a further beneficial diet and health.


Kevin Smith thus, with full energy and enthusiasm is ready for robust performance in preproduction on “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” while redeveloping the role that he played in his first film, “Clerks.” Being intrusively involved in the dieting and restricted plan schedule, Kevin Smith has always taken over the best formulations to deal with his life and plans. 

Back in time, Kevin Smith is known to order the same thing repeatedly. This involves the same meal, Mondo Nachos, and a Beyond Burger for him. This led his people not to think about what he could be eating or what he could not. He further claims that he is never bored with what he eats. This is more specific and intricate to enjoy rather than thinking of what one should have. Necessarily, Kevin’s demanding work including directing, comedy and hosting a slew of podcasts has always been out of range. This provides Kevin to look forward to his more crucial plans for local vegan restaurants or default to Mediterranean fare (hummus, falafel) or Mexican rice and beans, for scaling energy and activeness. 

Weight Loss

His diets include a lot of potential necessities demanded by Kevin’s diet. This also includes a calculated use of food’s protein, saturated fat, sugar, and calories. Big beans are even represented countless for his daily quota of 25 WW points. Kevin Smith brings a certain issue for his fans that not scared anymore, is being scared.

This thus, portrayed that his heart attack brought him certain attention towards his health and made him health-conscious, but not being in the fear anymore could make him lose consciousness. This ravishing healthy diet plans even brought him quick and better relief from his heart attack issues.

This included no numbness in his arm and no chest pain. However, nausea and shortness of breath still take part in Kevin’s issues. Yet, quick recovery is marking its length in Kevin. 

Kevin Smith also mentions that to some extent he was even benefitted from weight loss for enjoying the pleasures with his wife. Moreover, his life soothingly became easier and could be more while switching two-pack-a-day cigarette habit to weed. Kevin is still being polite with his diet chart and planning to sustain the methods throughout for losing more weight. He is willingly focused to work hard for his skills and health both at the same time. Yet, he plans to pay more heat to his rigorous exercise regimen after he finishes filming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. 

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