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Lesser-Known but Significant Facts about Women’s Dental Health

women's dental health

Dental or oral health is a prominent topic of discussion as well as concern in today’s time. If you take a magnified look, a substantial percentage of the crowd is experiencing issues related to dental health and there are several rational reasons behind that. Ill health, usage of recreational drugs, stress, and lack of oral hygiene, there can be several reasons behind oral health problems but one of the leading causes is the drastic change in eating habits imposed by the twenty-first-century lifestyle. People often fail to be aware of what food they are choosing, which has an adverse effect not only on their internal health but also on oral health.

Well, women’s dental health is definitely a significant aspect to focus on for all but interestingly here you shall find out a few crucial differences between the oral health habits, conditions, effects and treatments of men and women. The difference between the oral health of women and men plays a key part in your daily dental hygiene routine.

The differences surpass beyond the basics of oral health that we know. Maintaining the dental health of women is comparatively more essential, specifically before and during pregnancy. This piece definitely talks about the ins and outs of women’s oral health, but it contains certain vital information about men’s oral health as well. Keep scrolling to find out more to add an edge to your oral health.

Effects of oral dental health on women’s overall health
women dental health

Getting to the most interesting parts now, dental health has always been taken in a light way compared to other health conditions. But you will be interested to know that in the case of females, the dental health, mood fluctuations and the carnal drive of women are all interlinked by one thing and that is hormones.

Females are much more prone when it comes to oral health issues like gum problems, accumulation of plaque, extended roots, degradation of enamel and many more. Men are also sensitive to these problems but the ratio is comparatively lesser because of less hormonal instabilities and activities in the body. The hormones that mostly make the gums, teeth and overall dental health of women vulnerable to adverse conditions include the progesterone and the prevalent one that is estrogen. These issues can rise even more when it comes to the time of pregnancy.

There is more to women’s dental health than it seems – Here’s why!

You have to agree that pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. A woman is provided with utmost attention and care at this time but most of the heed generally goes towards diet and dynamic health. However, dental hygiene plays a key part in making your period of pregnancy peaceful. Many women suffer from dental diseases during pregnancy.

Some have even suffered from severe women’s dental problems for the very first time during pregnancy. So this practically happens due to excessive release and regulation of hormones in the body. Many oral problems like gum bleeding, toothache, dry mouth appear during this stage but the most common one that many experiences are the pregnancy gingivitis.

Pregnancy is a stage when women are at the top of their sensitivities and irritations. Minor aspects or changes can lead to severe mood fluctuations and gingivitis can be quite an addition to that. Some of the other oral problems might include Periodontitis, Sensitive teeth problems, cavities and more. If these issues are not addressed at the right time, these can lead to excessive issues in the later part and it is extremely important to be careful at this point in time.

Practical tips to maintain good oral health during pregnancy
women dental health

Easier said than done, not many women are able to keep up with the maintenance of their overall health, including oral health during this critical time. It is wise to use some very basic methods to keep your dental health condition at the peak and avoid unnecessary hassles and here’s how.

  • Don’t just brush but also floss. Flossing is a healthy and natural way to keep your teeth, gums as well as the lines and edges clean. You can schedule a particular time for brushing and flossing but make sure you make it compulsory before and after each meal.
  • Avoid the type of food that will harm your dental health and overall oral health. This is the second important point to keep in mind.
  • Opt for reliable dental services. This is at the later stage when you find any difficulty in your chewing capability, gums or enamel. It is best not to let that problem exceed and just seek quick, professional help. It is imperative to understand that women’s dental health during pregnancy is quite different than that of women’s dental problems during regular times. If taken lightly, they can take the shape of significant issues and you perhaps would not want that.


Not just during pregnancy but such oral health problems can occur at the stages of menopause, during the stage of using birth control medication and even menstruation. The sensations are at the peak at this stage and are never a bad idea to consider dental health as an essential part of your physical health care routine during these times. If you are seeking professional service, make sure you choose it right in order to attain the best out of it.


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