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Mama June’s weight loss


A surprising story of Mama June’s weight loss


Have you wondered what it takes to start your weight is a journey? For the primary and foremost it takes motivation. The motivation that will make you stand up and the motivation that will keep you going. If you have the right motivation and will to never let it go away, you will be able to cross all the obstacles that every fall onto your path.

Weight loss journeys have always been interesting and something that attracts people. There are a few shows that work on bringing such journeys out like my “600lbs Life” and a few others. Imagine how difficult it must be to lose so much weight. And it becomes even more interesting when the transformation is a major one.


The common people are not the only ones who are of massive sizes and lose their weight, there are so many celebrities who have been through the same and their transformation was in front of the entire world. One of such a case is of Mama June who has taken a major transformation.

Now, who is Mama June?


Mama June is a controversial mother on Toddlers & Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Her real name is June Shannon but she gained her popularity with the name Mama June. She has always been a character submerged into controversies. Starting from the very start, she got pregnant at a very tender and young age of 14. She had to drop out of her school but she later somehow managed to complete her GED.

She has dated several men and many out of them were child molesters who had been convicted including the father of her child Alanna. But this was not the highlight of her life. The highlight of her life has always been her massive weight and her huge body. The maximum she has been 460 lbs which is just too much.


So what was it that derived the motivation to lose it out?

Well, her journey has been incredible because losing so much weight is a great deed in itself. Her journey was recorded on a documentary Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Her change came from the surgery that she took in 2016. She went under gastric sleeve surgery in 2016 which is a gastric bypass. This squeezed her stomach down and made her less hungry. The procedure contracts the stomach that kills the excessive hunger. The person feels fuller for longer and does not get urges to eat all the time. Her stomach was reduced by 75% after the surgery.


Along with the surgery, for the purpose, she also worked with a profession to fit in the size she wanted. She had a special goal in her mind. She wanted to fit in a size 4 dress she had bought to go to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. She wanted to make him regret, well he will definitely regret losing this new body she has build.

So how much weight did she lose?


Upon looking at the case, because she underwent a surgery which is definite to make the extra weight g away in the body, it still demands a lot of commitment out of the person who is taking it up. The diet plan has to be completely different; one cannot keep taking the same diet which got them into the same position and body. Mama June was determined to lose her weight and for the same, she worked hard on her diet as well as herself.

Along with food habits, exercises are a vital part of losing weight and it is even more difficult for a person who is of huge size but then again, it does help. Mama June said that she did not just make great changes in her diet but she also made exercise a part of her daily regime. She said “I knew I had to lose weight and even after the surgery, I had to maintain my body so I worked so bloody hard to get my body perfectly fine and working.


With her hard work, determination, and the surgery, she managed to lose about 84 pounds in just the first month. By the time the documentary got aired she was weighing only 137 pounds, which is a major change because she started her weight loss journey from 352 pounds. She worked extremely hard and was finally able to reach her goal. Yes, from size 18, she was now able to fit in the size 4 which is a great success.

Just like most other people of her size who undergo the surgery is left with skin bulging over. With their body grown so huge, their skin is also huge and so after the surgery people are often left with extra skin. The same happened to Mama June as well and to cure the same she had to go under another surgery which is for skin removal. In this surgery, the extra skin in the body is removed so that it does not trouble the person in any way.


With extra skin, she also had breast surgery to reduce down the size of her breasts that had grown with her body.

Mama June’s daughter who is a teenager now says she is extremely happy with her mother’s body transformation. She says that she looks gorgeous and her new body makes her feel amazing and that is great news for all.


So after reading Mama June’s story, I hope that you understand that the motivation to change your life can be derived from anywhere. All you have to do is, think about the same once. Get your spirit up and start working on your body. Summer is around and the beach is calling you. You need your summer body, right?

What do you think?

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