Nose picking and Biting nails- Common but dangerous

Nose picking and Biting nails
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Statistics have shown that over 65% of the people pick their noses and bite their nails! It is surprising that some adults even pick their nose while being in public.

But science says that picking your nose is not at all a good habit and must not be ignored. Similar is the case with biting nails.

Read this article further to know the seven reasons as to why you must not bite your nails and pick your nose.

Seven reasons as to why you should stop picking your nose.

1. Your fingers are having all kinds of pathogens under your nails

Nose picking and Biting nails
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Fingertips are hubs of nastiness and are breeding grounds for various types of bacteria, fungus, and YEAST.

The one especially common germ that is found under nails is Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause a lot of crazy skin infections such as boils and abscesses.

Picking your nose, hence, has the potential to harm your health. If you have any virus, fungus, or bacteria on your finger and you pick your nose with that finger, you just gave the pathogen an easy way to get in your body.

2. When you suck or chew on your fingernails, they become a greater paradise for bacteria

Nose picking and Biting nails
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In the year 2007, Turkish scientists tested around 59 people to see whether biting nails had any real effect on the transportation of bacteria to the mouth.

They swabbed each subject’s mouth for saliva to inspect for diarrhea and vomiting bacteria like Escherichia coli and various other nasties.

The results show that over seventy-six percent of those subjects who bit their nails were tested positive, compared to only 26.5% of non-biters.

Similar was the product for the batch which contained the nose pickers. Take your fingers out of your mouth! Right now!

3. Physical body damage

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Who knew that an innocent little nibble on your nails could cause such chaos on your teeth? In real cases, nail-biting has even resulted in tooth fractures, tooth loss, and crazy displaced jaws.

Picking your nose might lead to the development of pimples in your nose-hair follicles. Dr. Ansa Akram, a clinical lecturer at the University of Bristol, says that “nail-chewing subjects who also wear braces are treading in particularly dangerous water.

Not only does this habit put the pair at risk from physical damage, but it might also cause root resorption in teeth which means that your teeth will start eating themselves inside out.

4. Impaired Quality of Life

Nose picking and Biting nails
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A study released in the year 2016 showed that people who bite their nails chronically report a significantly impaired quality of life as compared to those who do not.

The level of impairment increases in direct proportion to the time spent on nail-biting, the number of fingernails involved, and the number of nail abnormalities.

If you are already having a cold and your sinus is totally blocked, and then if you pick your nose, you are at risk of developing sinusitis because you might be carrying millions of bacteria that are there under your fingernail into the nose.

From here, they might travel up your nose into your sinus cavity. Unable to drain out properly, the bacteria will then multiply leading to an infection in the sinus.

If a small pimple in your nasal area were to convert into a boil, the infection might travel up into the brain via your bloodstream.

5. Grim gums and impaired nose skin

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Chewing your fingertips has the capability to cause a lot of accidental trauma – you heard it right, TRAUMA – when it comes to your gums.

The one especially horrendous case study showed in a report by Dr. Carlene B. Krejci said that a kid who was suffering from gingival (gum) swelling in one of his teeth after continuously sticking his craggy, half-consumed fingernails for years under the gum tissue of his tooth.

As it turned out, there were six nail fragments stuck under his gum. Picking your nose might tear the fragile and soft skin inside your nose, leading to nose bleeds.

People with repeated nose bleeds know it very well that it might take months for the nose skin to heal. If after picking your nose you don’t wash your hands, you might as well be spreading these germs to others.

6. It can also help cultivate skunk breath


Nose picking and Biting nails
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The report mentioned in the last reason also observed that nail-biters were vulnerable to halitosis. Halitosis is nothing but having skunk breath. T

here are plenty of bacteria that are always living in your mouth. Although most of the bacterias are meant to stay in there.

But if you keep sticking your fingers continuously in your lips, you’re going to introduce a lot of gross germs in your mouth too.

So to conclude, never refer to these two habits as usual habits in children. If you ever see any child having any of these two habits, stop them right there. Remember, that it’s not at all good for your health!

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