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Signs You Are Overdoing Kegel Exercises and Tips To Improve

Are You Overdoing Kegel Exercises?
Are You Overdoing Kegel Exercises?

A lot of people are concerned with the effects that overdoing kegel exercises have on the body, and so strike it out from the list completely, disregarding the benefits they carry.

Kegel exercises are known to have many benefits for both men and women. The foremost benefit it has is providing support to the bowel and bladder, which in turn reduces urinal and fecal incontinence.

Kegel exercises are simple and can be done anywhere, anytime. These are easy clench-release exercises that require no equipment or tools.

Women are benefitted more from doing kegel exercises than men, but exercising the pelvic floor muscles for men is equally important to keep a healthy bladder and bowel.

(Read about how to do kegel exercises for men here.)

Ill Effects of Overdoing Kegel Exercises

While it is a very beneficial exercise, as in all things, overdoing something does more harm than good. Doing kegel exercises more than the suggested levels will increase urinary, fecal and other bowel-related problems than decrease it.


pelvic floor muscles

Excessive exercising and working of the pelvic floor muscles may result in muscle fatigue in the pelvis area, and ultimately in the weakening of the muscles. This is the opposite of what you want from doing kegel exercises. A lot of beginners, or those having issues related to the bowel and bladder, tend to overdo the exercises and do more harm than good to their bodies.



Urinary Tract Infection

Performing kegel exercises with a full bladder or for excessively long periods without break may result in urethral and pelvic muscle laxity. This makes the body susceptible to urinary tract infections.

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abdominal pain - Overdoing Kegel

A lot of times, when overdoing pelvic floor exercises, the body engages the wrong muscles. Repetitive contraction and release of the muscles near the abdominal area causes muscle fatigue in the area, and eventually pain.


  • Take Time To Find The Right Muscles

Kegel Exercise men

It is essential that you find the right muscles to engage. If not, it may have adverse effects.

  • Do Sets of Long and Short Holds

Kegel Sets

Holding the muscles for long and short durations builds endurance and strength. It is the right way to work your pelvic muscles. Regular exercises are known for increasing tightness.

  • Take Breaks

Kegel Relax

Just like any workout routine, kegel exercises need breaks in between too. Take breaks between sets. It is recommended to take a couple of days to rest as well to promote muscle strengthening.

Take breaks between sets. It is recommended to take a couple of days to rest as well to promote muscle strengthening.

  • Be Patient

Patience While Doing Kegel

It can be frustrating when you don’t see results soon but keep at it. You will start seeing results around the 11-12-week mark. When that happens, you will thank yourself for starting the journey. So don’t worry, be patient and consistent.

  • Track your progress

Tracking progress when doing kegel exercises is a lot harder than tracking other exercise routines. It’s not as easy as picking up the measuring tape and wrapping it around your tummy. Measure progress every week, make a note of how each week was different, and also make a comparison with how it was on day 1 here are some amazing products which help you while doing kegel exercise.


Kegel exercises will make you smile bright with confidence if you do them right and in moderation. Overdoing kegel exercises can have bad effects, but if you follow these instructions, your body will thank you. These exercises may not seem necessary to you today, but tomorrow you might regret not starting them earlier. So, is today going to be day one of the journey to achieving the healthy and happy pelvic muscles?




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