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Piyo workout reviews pros and cons

Before directly hitting the Piyo reviews, lets first try and understand what Piyo workout actually is. Most of the people might know what it is but for all those who do not know what is the difference in this and other workout plan and why is it called Piyo then here is the information you are seeking. In this article, you get why Piyo exercises are so popular and whether or not they are worth it.

What is Piyo?

Pilate is one of the most popular workout plans in the present time and each and every person is aware of how beneficial Yoga is for our health and fitness needs. Piyo is a combination of both Pilate (Pi) and Yoga (Yo). Piyo workout has wises of both like the power of Yoga for fitness and core strengthening and muscle sculpting regime of Pilates.

In the present day lifestyle, with loads of work on our heads, we hardly get any time and for the little we do, we want to use it to the fullest. That is why rather then going for any other option, if you are a Yoga or a Pilate person or a fitness geek in general then you can take up Piyo workout as it is interesting and will completely grab your attention.

The workout plan comes recorded on a DVD where the trainer is always working with you. Here is what you will get in the workout plan.

Ten workouts on 3 DVDs


As per mentioned, there are three different DVDs that cover the entire workout plan. The workout plan covers cardio to exercises for each body part. There are trainers that help you understand and practice the workout better. The plan is designed for 6 days in a week.

A quick start guide –

As the name suggests, it is a quick guide to what you will have to do in the workout and how you are going to do it. The customer review of this product suggests that it can work wonders to keep you fit and healthy. 

A 60-day calendar with PiYo workouts

It is a 60 days calendar that will help you in marking the days as per your workout session so you can keep a record.

Healthy eating plan

The eating plan is one of the most important things when someone is working on losing weight and Piyo workout plan comes with a systematic diet plan for the user.

Tape measure

The plan comes with a pre-designed tape measure that will help you record your progress.

Bun workout – 

This is an optional part of the plan for the people who wish to work on their butts, hamstrings, and quads.


User-friendly –

As the entire workout session comes recorded on a DVD, the user does not have to make extra efforts to find a different exercise each time for each different body part. The video has a complete workout plan that gives satisfying results to the user.

Great for beginners

For beginners, it is quite difficult to indulge in high paced exercises all at once. It takes time, effort, and practice for the body to do a typical workout with difficulty levels kept very high. Piyo workout plan starts from the very beginning and that is why it becomes a great workout plan for the people who are beginners.

Piyo 60-day workout calendar

The Piyo workout plan is just a 60 days workout plan and if the user follows it with discipline then the results are visible within the period. There have been so many people who were happy with their newly transformed body just in a period of 60 days which generally is a warmup time if you take up other methods of fitness.

Easy meal plan

Diet plan is given for Piyo workout is also not very difficult to follow. It is made with a concern of keeping the user in their comfort zone. There is no starving and the proper intake of all minerals and Vitamins that the body requires are kept in consideration before planing the diet chart. You can purchase the DVD from Amazon. 

Low impact

It is a low impact workout plan. Low impact means that there will be no or very less impact on your joints and bones while you workout out unlike running on plain ground that directly impacts on the knees of the athlete. This workout is based on yoga and pilates techniques, both of which put minimal pressure on the joints.

Free trial and money back guarantee

The best part about taking this workout plan is that before you pay the price to take the workout, you get a free trial session where you can look for yourself if the workout plans are the right one for you or not.

No Equipment

This workout plan is complete without equipment which means that the person only has pay for the DVD and nothing else. No equipment is required for the same and that makes the workout plan affordable and accessible for all.


High Intensity – 

One of the cons of the workout plan is that the workout is of high intensity that makes it a bit complicated for all people. People with an extremely high weight issue and with frail legs or any other issue face difficulty in catching up with the high and speedy pace of the workout plan.

Transitions are too fast

Other than the high pace. The transition of the workout is too fast too. The trainer moves from one exercise to another in no time which becomes very difficult to catch up.

Low-quality DVDs

DVD quality of the workout plan is not as good which makes it difficult to watch it for longer. 

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