5 Promising Careers in The Healthcare Sector Post-Pandemic

The healthcare sector is one of the many pillars of our society that lets us live a vigorous and peaceful life. Healthcare workers spend most of their days serving the ailing and pulling people out of the clutches of deadly diseases. But contrary to what many believe, the health industry is not limited to doctors and physicians. Instead, it is a field with various subfields and career opportunities.

But the question is, which profession is the best? And we’re here to tell you just that.

Especially after the chaotic mishaps of coronavirus, we have to shift our priorities for a better tomorrow. And for that, the following are some of the promising post-pandemic career options you can consider in the healthcare sector:

Disaster Management

Disaster management is one of the emerging and rapidly developing subjects of our times. Many youngsters who participate in volunteer work to give back to their community opt for this field as their career. However, it requires robust critical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence skills. This field is not for the faint of heart. Especially given the Covid-19 pandemic, we now know how direly we need to advance in this domain. Therefore, if you possess the essential skills and capabilities to work under pressure and in catastrophic situations, this profession should be your priority.

Some of the roles of disaster managers include planning, coordinating, and implementing all the measures to respond to disastrous situations. These can be anything from a war situation to a natural calamity. To work as a disaster manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree. After that, you can specialize in disaster management by earning an MPH disaster management degree. Once you complete your professional studies, you can practice your work at the district or city level. If you think you can handle stress and cope with the pressure while striving for society, this career might be the perfect choice for you.

Nurse Practitioners

No one can ever deny the value nurses hold in the healthcare community. They are the first ones who interact with the patients and help them battle their diseases. Likewise, they also communicate with the family members of the patients and counsel them accordingly. If you want to stay in the frontline and play your part, you should look into the nursing profession.

Furthermore, to become a nurse practitioner, you will need a BSN degree, a bachelor’s program. And if you want to study further, you can also go for an MSN, meaning a master’s of science in nursing. Once you complete your studies, you will have more options to choose your subject of practice.

Lab Technicians

Promising Careers in The Healthcare Sector Post-Pandemic
The endless disasters of this pandemic showed us our insufficiency in the laboratory setup. Because of the testing kit development delays to vaccine issues, we realized how much we need to improve in this area. Therefore, to prevent such problems from emerging in the future, we should give a lot more importance to this career. And if you seek to become a part of this community and help bring a positive change, consider becoming a lab technician.

Although lab workers usually stay behind the doors, our healthcare system would collapse without them. And we saw glimpses of it during the pandemic of Covid-19. To become a lab technician, you can get a diploma or better if you get further education in the field. It usually takes two years of studies for a diploma and a certification exam to get your license to practice. For the degree, you will have to get an MLT which is an associate’s degree in medical laboratory sciences.

So, if you want to join the frontline workers yet stay out of the medical chaos, consider this career for yourself.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapy has always been one of the most promising careers in the healthcare industry. A physiotherapist helps patients gain back their mobility to carry out routine work. Not only do they help patients improve their lives, but they also ensure that they live it vigorously. So, if you want, you can also look at this career option.

For your professional studies, you will need a degree of DPT that stands for a doctorate in physical therapy. It is a four-year program that includes basic knowledge of all science subjects. As for the practice, there are many options out there. For example, you can work with pediatric setup and aid children to live everyday life. Likewise, you can also join tertiary care set up and practice with patients admitted to the facility. So, if you want to help your community, consider this profession for your further studies.

Dental Surgeons

Even though we don’t give dentists much credit, they are an indispensable part of our health industry. And we saw their importance when people struggled to get their dental treatments in the times of the Covid pandemic. Be it a wisdom tooth extraction or life-threatening oral cancer diagnosis; dental surgeons are responsible for various duties.

Moreover, if you want to work in healthcare and enjoy negotiable duty hours, go for dentistry. For your studies, you can go for a DDS (Doctorate in Dental Surgery) program. It is a five-year program and one additional year for the practice. After that, you can get your license and work as a dental surgeon anywhere you want. And though it might seem easy right now, it is undoubtedly a career that needs utmost dedication. But if you get to the other end and work honestly, it is all worth it.


The health industry has an undeniable importance in our society. It is one of the most vital aspects that keep our community intact and prosperous. Above, we discussed some of the promising careers in the health sector for any student. Yes, the studies can be challenging, and duties can be tiring, but it is a rewarding field with endless opportunities.

So, if you want to become a part of this crucial field, consider building your career in any mentioned profession.

Written by Preeti Kaur

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