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Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson is a very famous Australian actress, producer, writer and comedian who has been acting in many famous series and comedy shows which make people laugh. Rebel Wilson weight loss journey is a path of how she committed to losing weight and made it happen for herself. She chose weight loss as her new year resolution and made it like her business. So she worked hard upon it and experienced a huge weight loss. 

The actress has never been ashamed of her body as she was always confident of her body and the way she used to stand out the skinny people’s crowd. Rebel took a serious deal on her weight loss journey and made sure that she was able to bring change to her body. Her fans always wonder how she was able to lose so much weight and here is how Rebel Wilson weight loss journey looked like: 

1. Cardio exercise: 

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson weight loss journey involved her working out for seven days a week with her personal trainer with all her dedication to lose her weight. She had a daily workout routine that involved cardio exercises for seven days every week. The personal trainer used to set a goal every day and made sure that Rebel completed the goals. The exercises that Rebel used to do every day was a big help in her weight loss journey. 

2. New Healthy Year: 

Rebel Wilson transformation journey

Rebel Wilson weight loss journey involved a new healthy year in her life where she lost weight while shooting for her movie named ‘Cats’. The dances in the movie were so rigorous that it involved a lot of workout from her side. She lost eight pounds in four days, and that’s how it was helping her lose the weight fast. 

3. Be comfortable with your body: 

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel has always loved herself and her body irrespective of the size and shape. It has always been her ultimate goal that no matter what size or shape the body is in, Love for oneself is the greatest thing. She says that rather than just focusing on the size and the weight, one person should focus on good health, happiness and loving themselves. She also launched a company with all the plus sizes clothes which are called Rebel Wilson x Angels, and it helped a lot of people who couldn’t find their sizes and at affordable prices. She believes that a person should love their skin, and the rest will follow accordingly and make them happy. 

4. Small changes are essential in the process: 

transformation journey

It is imperative to take care of small changes in life, like not eating desserts every night and avoiding a lot of sugar. Everything should be done at the moderation level so that it doesn’t make you gain weight. Rebel Wilson weight loss journey also points out one important thing that it is imperative to be an active person and keep walking or doing exercises for a fit and healthy body.

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