Relationship Milestones: Moments To Celebrate With Your Partner

Every relationship begins with a friendship. However, as you move forward, your relationship grows stronger. Along the course, you will find several milestones that you would face together with your partner. Of course, every such moment marks a new beginning, but not the ending of an old chapter.

Besides, these milestones bring you even closer to your partner. And it indeed calls for a celebration.

Let’s take a look at some of these milestones that you can celebrate with your love.

When You Move Ahead Of “Just Dating”

Dating is a game of numbers. Sometimes it could take weeks before you find your love, whereas, for some, it could only be just one date. And when you see that one, and you instantly know that you’d want to spend the rest of your life with them, it indeed calls for an exclusive celebration.

At this point, you might decide that you’d want to be more than just dating friends. And to let your partner know how you feel about them, what could be better than a proposal party? You can take your partner to all their favorite places, make them their favorite food, or even plan a night full of surprises for them.

When You Say “I Love You” To Each Other

It doesn’t matter who says it first, as long as, indeed, you both mutually feel the same. However, as soon as you realize that your feelings have turned to love, you might start to feel vulnerable. The utter fear of rejection is enough to sweep you off your feet.

On the other hand, when they accept your proposal and reply to you with those “three words,” it is when you may feel like being on top of the world. And this is a milestone worth celebrating. After all, your relationship is now starting to grow. And you may soon begin to plan your family together.

When You Make Your “First Love”

It can be a serious milestone for your relationship. It might not necessarily come after you both say, “I Love You.” Something extraordinary is indeed happening either way. You and your partner might already be feeling those butterflies in your belly.

This is the beginning of a special bond between you and your partner. And, as such, you’d want to make sure that everything goes as perfectly as possible. Perhaps, you’d also like to take care of any anxiety or stress. Possibly, you might also be searching how to use penis numbing spray on Google. Well, worry not. Just let down your guard and enjoy the tender feelings of love and bonding. As exhilarating as lovemaking could be, don’t forget to celebrate your love later.

When You Meet “Family And Friends”

This is as close as it can get to getting married. You’re comfortable meeting your parents and your partner. In other words, you’re seeking approval from both ends to take your relationship to a whole new level.

Though it might not matter whether they approve of each other or not, it certainly feels good. It makes it easier to take things further in the longer run. You’d want to make sure that everyone gets along whenever they come across each other at any family function or party.


When You Get “Engaged”

So, by now, you’d have dated for a reasonable amount of time, fairly enough to know that you’d want to spend life together. After thinking it through, you’ve now decided to get engaged, and it is also the next logical step to take. And it is also the milestone for which everything is about to change.

If you’ve reached this far with your relationship, it is definitely worth celebrating with your partner. Whether you enjoy this moment with your partner privately or party out loud with your friends and family, make it as memorable as possible.

When You’re “Getting Married”

The next obvious step after getting engaged is marriage. And it is also worth celebrating. You take up vows before God, your friends, and your family. In other words, you formally announce that you’ll have each other’s back “in health and in sickness.”

When you’re all ready to stand with each other for the better or, the worse, you’re actually proving your commitment. And the frenzy of happiness that you may experience soon after is unparalleled. Perhaps, you’d want to let out all that excitement and celebrate it with your love.

When You “Get Pregnant”

Well, biologically, it’d only be the mother who gets pregnant. But, think of the joy and excitement it could bring to you. Perhaps, it’d be better to say you both are getting pregnant as a family. And you’ve also climbed the first step towards getting to know your next generation.

Having your first baby would test your relationship. Note that it’s not at all easy to be parents. But, at the same time, it is also an opportunity to bond with your partner. Believe it or not, you’ll be making some important and life-altering decisions. For example, you’ll be changing your diets, lifestyle, work and sleep patterns, and much more. Take up this opportunity to let your partner know what you meant when you said you’ll be having their back through the better and the worse.

When It’s Your “First Day At School”

Who wouldn’t shed a tear when sending off their baby to school for the first day. After all, the baby is no longer a tiny tot- he has all grown up. But, it could be the chance to have more time to yourself for you as a couple. And this makes it worth celebrating.

Well, we certainly don’t mean you should celebrate the separation. What we’re trying to say is enjoy the regained freedom and peace that might seem missing after your first child is born. Besides, look at the brighter side; how far you’ve come in your relationship.

Throughout your relationship, there’ll be many more milestones. From the first home you buy together, to the first time you go out on a trip, and when your child turns 1.

Celebrating each milestone as an event would keep the fire burning in your relationship. And let you enjoy it to the fullest, till the end. Perhaps, every moment you spend together is worth celebrating, till death parts you, isn’t it?

Written by Yogesh Gupta

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