Rick Ross weight loss

Rick Ross is a very famous American rapper who is known for the fantastic raps that he has made. Rick Ross weight loss journey has been one of the most inspiring and amazing journeys. He said that every person should take it as a challenge of losing weight instead of considering a job to lose weight. It becomes difficult if a person makes it seem difficult or else it is all about the consistent work that a person puts in. If you are willing to change your weight, then it is essential to change the diet and everyday routine.

Rick Ross weight loss

There are a lot of essential elements and vegetables that you should add in the diet to lose the weight that is required. It is imperative to avoid eating fast food and put more focus on eating leafy vegetables and nutritious food. The most important part if you want to lose weight is to understand the importance of drinking water and constantly to exercise because that will help you in burning calories and will also keep you healthy.

Rick Ross has two major seizures which happened within 24 hours in the year 2011, and that made him realise that he needs to lose weight and get fitter because it is important for overall health. The seizures changed his life by changing the routine and focusing on the best exercises possible to lose weight. When Rick Ross was 43 years old, he weighed around 305 pounds which is super unhealthy then he decided to change that and lose 100 pounds in 2014 which also gave a whole new look to his body. Rick Ross weight loss journey gave other people the motivation to lead a healthy life and lose weight. It is essential to understand that losing weight is a long journey, and you cannot just rush it. If you want to lose weight, then it is important to understand the process of weight loss and continue exercising and eating healthy. Rick Ross weight loss has a very amazing diet which he followed to lose weight and become fit. He never left the fast-food that he likes, but instead, he just changed the time of consuming them and made sure that he doesn’t over eat the junk food. He made sure to have fast food only twice every week and not more than that. Rick also joined some motivational groups, which gave him the inspiration to lose weight and stay on track with his food routines. He used to search for healthy recipes online and followed to eat them in order to consume nutritious food and also lose weight.

The routine that Rick Ross followed to lose weight for four days every week is as follows:

1 Warm-up
2 Push-ups, deadlifts, and other intense exercises
When Rick Ross used to come on different shows, a lot of people used to ask him questions about why and how he lost weight? Sometimes they are also confused about why he is so confident with his big size also and how he managed to lose 100 pounds? He replied that his first priority is his health and then anything else. He does eat healthily and keeps exercising to take care of that. Here is a weight loss diet by Rick Ross, which is as follows:

Rick Ross weight loss

Try to avoid soda:

Rick Ross weight loss journey is about avoiding soda at all times to maintain a healthy body. He kept avoiding soda in every meal that he used to have and if it is difficult for you to avoid soda, then choose a diet in which soda will be helpful for your diet.

Don’t have heavy meals at night time:

Make sure to not eat heavy meals during the night time because then it takes too much time to digest the food. Make a good schedule, and keep your dinner light. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so it is important to keep it heavy and healthy but make sure to keep the dinner as light as possible.

Drink lots of water:

It is essential to keep drinking lots of water because it helps in diluting all the chemicals in the body. Rick Ross’s weight loss plan made him drink lots of water because that helped him stay hydrated and also made sure that all the chemicals in his body were diluting. Water has a lot of positive effects like it helps in making the person feel fresh, and it also helps in keeping the person super energetic and hydrated. Use something nice which will boost your energy:

Rick Ross weight loss

If you are on a weight loss journey, then it is important to make sure that you are energetic all the time because that will give you the motivation to carry on with exercises and lose weight. Snacks and fast foods are not good for the body, but there are a lot of other things which are healthy and boosts the energy so concentrate on consuming them because they will not only boost your energy but will also give you the motivation to lose weight.

Stick to a strict plan:

It is imperative to stick to a good diet plan because that will help you in losing weight and reaching your goal. A healthy body leads to a healthy life, so it is important to not mess the diet plan. Regularly exercising and eating healthy food will help you in getting a fitter body. There are a lot of exercise programs that you can enrol yourself in, or you can also keep a trainer who will keep you on track with exercises.

Focus on eating habits:

Rick Ross weight loss gives inspiration for healthy eating habits as it shows the importance of how eating habits can affect weight loss. Try to avoid unhealthy food as much as possible and try eating healthy food because that will lead you to get a healthy body. Rick Ross left all the unhealthy eating habits in order to lose weight and made sure that he sticks to eating healthy and plans the schedule properly.

Make your partner:

As we all know, it is very easy to work with a partner or a friend because that gives the person the right motivation to work on their goals. Rick Ross weight loss journey motivates people to get a partner who will help them in their daily exercises and will also help them to stay on the right track when it comes to weight loss. During Rick Ross’s weight loss journey, he took 20 people with him who were ready to take the weight loss challenge with him. It is very easy to work with partners rather than working alone because that way it helps you in working as a team and losing weight faster.

Less risk of diseases:

Following a good weight loss diet also helps in getting rid of the diseases that can cause problems for a person. If you follow a great weight loss, then it will help in reducing the chances of diabetes, blood pressure and many more diseases.

Eat lots of green vegetables:

It is very important to eat green vegetables in all meals because they have iron, proteins and other nutrients which are needed by the body. If the body gets the right nutrients, then it helps in maintaining the weight and keeping the journey healthy.


Losing weight is not about changing your diet, but it is also about the exercises that you do in order to maintain your body and stay fit. There are a lot of factors that surround the weight loss journey, but the most important part is to keep a check on every habit that you have on the daily routine. A person can also keep cycling, jogging and running in order to lose the extra weight and burn calories.Rick Ross weight loss

Rick Ross said that most of his exercises are called Cross Fit which he has started calling Ross fit now. He also explained how all these exercises are not just intense, which helps him burn the calories but also helped him build muscles. Every exercise has its own significance as we all know that Rick Ross lost around 100 pounds with the help of exercising and eating healthy food. He also advises all the people who are trying to lose weight to focus on their goals and be ready to exercise efficiently as it will help them in losing weight. It is a challenging routine to follow, but if you want to lose weight, then it is the only routine that will help you in achieving your goals. Exercises and controlling food habits are fundamental, but another important thing is to make sure about sleeping habits. It is imperative to have a sufficient sleep in order to feel energetic and active every day because, without that, it can be difficult to focus on the exercises and daily routines.

Written by Pooja Pushpan

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