Rock Salt vs. Sea Salt

Rock Salt vs. Sea Salt

The debating of rock salt vs. seas salt is damn interesting because it completely blows my mind how tiny particles of salt can vary from each other and how it was used in history and how it is being misused in today’s time. Rock salt vs. Sea salt and other types of salt analysis will make you think about your salt consumption.

History of Salt


It is true. Salt was considered a precious commodity because we finally discovered how to preserve food.  Salt was the first natural occurring substance that we discovered as a preservative that can be used to have cooked food for a long time.  In earlier times in the wars has been used a strategy to win wars by attacking the opponents salt reserves or any alternative way as to how to let the opponent kingdom not have any salts for their people.

But salt lost its value as a special commodity once the human race discovered other ways of preserving food. Now we have hydrogen and other materials that can be used for food preservation for longer durations.


Rock Salt vs. Sea Salt

There are still other various benefits of salt which are essential for a human body.

  •     The body needs salt for proper maintenance of the body’s ph level
  •     It improves insulin sensitivity which is vital for blood sugar control
  •     Proper thyroid functioning
  •     Prevents mental retardation and low I.Q. problems


Health problems that arise due to salt deficiency

  •     Headaches
  •     Overall body weakness
  •     The cognitive functioning decline in elders
  •     Muscle cramps
  •     Irritability
  •     Higher risk of heart attacks
  •     Low blood sodium (Hyponatremia) can even lead to seizures, coma, and death according to Mayo’s Clinic website.

So does this mean we are healthy as we are daily consuming are iodized/white salt/ in our diet?

To analyze this, we will have to understand the differences between the type of salts available in the market.

  1. White Salt/ Table Salt – This is the salt that is being sold and consumed most in today’s world and is the most dangerous which is naturally obtained from the sea, and later processed. It is heavily processed and highly iodized which can bring loads of bad news in the future for you or your loved ones if they keep consuming white salt.

Why is white salt so bad?

Rock Salt vs. Sea Salt

         Heavily processed – The manufacturers of white/iodized salt have to add anti-caking agents to avoid clumping (forming a group). Clumping here means that to avoid salt particles from sticking so that they can stay separate. These anti-caking agents are found to be potentially carcinogenic which can lead to conditions such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

         Highly Iodized – In today’s time we are consuming salt from different sources of food and if we keep consuming white salt which involves the addition of extra iodine in its manufacturing process can lead to overdose of iodine in body, and that leads to another set of problems such as hypertension, obesity, heart failure, and Type-2 Diabetes.

High sodium intake can lead to the following issues:

  Kidney Stones


  Heart failure


  Swelling of ankles

  Water retention

  Premenstrual Syndrome

  1. Regular Naturally Occurring Sea Salt – This is the real salt derived from the seat which has natural iodine present in it. It contains far better beneficial minerals as compared to white salt. But there is one issue that has recently arisen in today’s time even with sea salt is the issue of microplastics. Our seas are filled with the plastic which is a potential environmental hazard in today’s time. So this won’t be the best option either.
  1. Celtic Sea Salt – The salt is extracted in from the clean coastal waters from the Guérande Region of Brittany, France. The salt produced is totally unprocessed and unrefined. The grey salt is produced by traditional Celtic methods using a plaudier which is a salt harvester. This sea salt can be a good choice, but I am not aware if they are affected by microplastics.
  1. Pink Himalayan Rock Salt – This is the richest salt compared to all the three above which is claimed to contain 94 micronutrients required by the body. It is obtained from the salt mines of Lahore, Pakistan. This pink salt is proved to be essential in various functions of the body such as good sugar health, ph maintenance level, and reduction in muscle cramps. However, it is affected by microplastics but in the least manner as compared to white and sea salt.

In my opinion, the Celtic salt or pink rock salt will be the best option for consumption. Potentially, I feel that in the Rock Salt vs. Sea Salt battle, the Himalayan Rock Salt will be the most beneficial due to its micronutrient properties.

What do you think?

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