Role of Technology in Advancements of Oral Health

Technology in Advancements of Oral Health

For you, how was it going to the dentist as a child? Wasn’t it one of the biggest nightmares of your life? However, have you ever thought what might have happened to your teeth with all those cavities if there were not such a doctor? All right, with age, we have all understood the prominence of dentists in our lives and appreciated it at some point, too. If there were not anyone to tell us to brush our teeth twice a day and prevent us from eating a handful of sweets, our dental health, as well as overall health might have been affected severely.

The rapidly mounting field of dentistry seems to have a bright future ahead of it. On the word of Dr. Rick Workman, DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry), the Founder and Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental, with ever-growing technologies and improvements in the line of work, dentistry is expected to reach higher peaks with lesser dental problems and solutions that are faster and easier. This may include the reduction in time taken for treatments and easily accessible dental health care.

Dr. Rick Workman, DMD’s Dental Support Organization focuses on advanced methods in dentistry like virtual visits of patients, CAD/CAM assisted bridges/crowns, implanting surgery through digital assisting of treatment planning, digital radiography, laser fluorescence, etc. In case you need treatment, and you are not aware of where should you go, consult one of the dentists affiliated with Dr. Rick Workman, DMD’s 900 Dental Offices for an experience you’ve never had before.

Following are some examples of technology-oriented dentistry:

1. Commencement of Smart Toothbrush in Our Lives
1. Commencement of Smart Toothbrush in Our Lives

An easier way to prevent cavities and plaque and maintain oral hygiene, a smart toothbrush is predicted to be a part of our future. It has a screen connected to it, which shows the user the tooth they are brushing on. Not only do these toothbrushes inform for how long shall the person brushes the tooth, but also tell if the pressure is too high or too low. Dr. Rick Workman, DMD, recommends dental Health Care by encouraging the use of smart toothbrushes. Like other smart devices, this device will be an element of everyone’s house in the near future.

2. 3D Printing and CAD
3D Printing and CAD in dental aid

Computer-assisted design (CAD) or Computer-assisted manufacture (CAM) as well as 3D printing, all aid dentistry to a great extent. Unlike earlier, where dentists took impressions to make a crown or bridge of the patients by making a mold of the tooth, digital labs with CAM/CAD technology drill the tooth for the preparation of crown and then take a picture using a computer. This process is efficient in addition to being cost-effective. Dr. Rick Workman, DMD, in the 2018 Winter Conference suggested the use of these technologies for a well-organized laboratory.

3. The Easy-To-Use Intra-Oral Camera

At the dentist’s, one of the greatest hassles included opening the mouth wide, and that, too, could never suffice. This difficulty, both, for the doctor and the patient, got a solution by the introduction of the intra-oral camera. These cameras have replaced the famous dental mirrors for their ease. The clear images are captured readily using the liquid lens technology for a better understanding.

4. The Utilization Of Teledentistry

The Utilization Of Teledentistry

Imagine if you are unwilling to visit the dentist, how reluctant could others be, especially when they are low on budget and live far away from a dental clinic. Even the children have fear of the dentist. Keeping all the above points in mind, Dr. Rick Workman, DMD, speaks well of Teledentistry. To all those unaware of this word, teledentistry is a method of providing information to the masses through the use of technology like telecommunication in order to spread awareness of dental health care. This way, the consultation charges for people who cannot afford to visit a dentist remove from the list.  In addition to this, the prevention methods conveyed by the dentists are low in cost; hence, can be practiced by all. Dr. Rick Workman, DMD, focuses on the Accessibility Factor, which is why he is a great enthusiast of teledentistry.

5. Caries Prevention and Dental Regeneration
Caries Prevention and Dental Regeneration

What if a person breaks a tooth at 50 years of age? In order to grow one at this age, students at Dr. Rick Workman, DMD’s Learning Management Systems are currently researching on the mesenchymal stem to find out its ability to maintain the formation of tooth and a way to keep it constant throughout a person’s life. Another advancement in dentistry involves tooth filling technology, which has the potential to eradicate root canals.

6. Use of Augmented Reality in Dentistry
Use of Augmented Reality in Dentistry

Have you ever heard of AR earlier? Well, this term refers to the digital use of additional information combined with reality. In this field, students and patients are explained various things using Augmented Reality for better comprehension. It has not only increased the level of understanding but also enhanced the teaching-learning process in dental colleges.

7. Roles of a Virtual Reality Camera
Roles of a Virtual Reality Camera in dental aid

In contrast with AR, VR (Virtual Reality) is an artificially created world. However, it aids the area of dentistry in a similar manner to AR. Firstly, it helps the students to watch, for instance, surgeries in the operation theatre. Not every student is able to see the whole surgery over the shoulder of the dentist. Hence, the VR camera helps the students to learn better. Secondly, the patient can feel calmed and relaxed by watching a clear picture of the camera during his surgery.

Like the above-mentioned developments in technology, we will have not only an easier lifestyle but also better methods of healthcare. Such improvements will support the patients as well as future dentists. The learning process for the students in this medical field will be like a breeze.



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